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Show better pictures of cusotom exhaust....

24 July 2000
I like the look of the RM exhaust... with the oval tips...but the pics in the FAQ arent all that great... I have comptech tips on my stock exhaust system and i really like the dual exhaust setup that has a bit of a slant to the tips... with only 2 tips..not the RM DTM tips...

anyone have pix??
I've never heard of Comptech exhaust "tips" before..??

What exactly are you trying to see that is not shown in the other photos?

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Well that's what I have on my NSX... it was that way when i bought it... i looked when the car was up on a lift and yes, its the stock exhaust with comptech tips. It says "comptech USA" laser engraved on the top side of the tips... it looks good...but i like the look of the RM exhaust style better...

I just wanted a closer look at the RM style... all the pix i see are dark and u cant really see the exhaust system.. .u can only see the very edge of the tips...rather than the full shape and angle they come out from the back... anyways...... thanks for the info -E
I will see if I can find any under-car shots of the RM unit for you. Give me a couple days!