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Exterior Side vents


15 July 2009
guys I have 2 almost mint Berlina Black Side vents they are from my 2002 parts car the inner plastic vents have been removed this sale is for the aluminum outer surround only

the paint is a 9.5 out of 10 minimal rock chips. if someone is looking to get that shine back these are for you. no new paint needed if you have a berlina.

I was saving them if I ever needed a spare set but they are collecting dust so I would like to sell them to someone that needs them.

the going price on ebay for 1 vent is 100 bucks

since your cant get them from the dealer anymore and if you do get them I am sure it will take weeks to ship from japan.

will sell the set for 175 shipped anywhere in the USA and extra for out of the country. just ask.

need pics??? just ask but we all know what they look like right LOL

paypal accepted.

thanks for looking