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Sideskirts for Trev - 3rd owner - lqqky/Oyagi/FFFFanman

8 April 2004
Edmonton, Alberta
Sideskirts for Trev - 3rd owner - Oyagi/FFFFanman

Finally got my side skirts painted that I bought off of Oyagi!
Sheldon at Aero had to work them back to basic to get off the previous coats of black and red, did a little filling and sanding and Bam!
Thanks guys.


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few more.


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Looks nice!

For the record, these are Wings West skirts!

I originally bought a set from Lqqky, changed my mind and sold them. Then bought these WW's from red dragon (Nathan) who had a red car. I had them sprayed black, changed my mind and sold them to you. Now where they were before Nate is anyone's guess :biggrin:
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John, you got to be pulling my leg man.
Here is the link that I was sure was the mans units.
These ain't to Wings West stuff.
The door sill things don't even fit on these babies unless you butcher them.
I could and have been wrong, but was sure of the story I was told on these.
Well, thats in my own little mind!!! :biggrin:
You definitely told me and sold me WW units, but I don't know where I got my little story from.
Need that Edit button soon.
They are WW Trev, here's the link to my sale thread: http://www.nsxprime.com/forums/showthread.php?t=90539

Anyhoo, who cares, they look friggen sweet.

Door sills...you can do what I did and either order CF ones that tape on or break off the plastic tabs off yours and use 3M double sided tape.

Here they were on my car. Oh the memories:
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Now I need rear spats....since I'm getting some body work done.
What do you guys recommend with this set up.
I like the '02 style spats. Try DF or SoS. They come up for sale sometimes here. The WW spats are the worst looking IMHO...always reminds me of snot dripping...
Sorry to seem repetitive, but are you sure those are Wings West? They do not appear to be, judging by the angle of the lower part of the side skirts. Did they happen to have Wings West stamped inside of them?

Just asking, them look great however.
No they do not have wings west stamped on them.
They are heavier.
They are strong.
The right one is shorter than the left one.
They do not fit right but are good enough for me, just don't tell anyone.
I think they are an Oyagi Backyard Special!!!
You guys must study my pictures.
Sideskirt Master, you are so kind!
I will go take my pictures.
They are not wings west, they are "backyard special" (the brand) side skirts, or the replicas raceonusa makes of them. If they're BYS, they will be stamped, if they're raceonusa, they will be hiflex composite fiberglass.


I would say this design is perhaps more desirable than Wings West (imo).
What ever they are, I like them.. just need some nice spats...
Here are a few more pics.
Thanks guys....
I will get around to drill a 3/4 to 1 inch hole in the bottom of each skirt just behind the door, then using a long bit and a self drilling screw, screw up the gap you see in the third pic.
For now, from the standing position, you hardly notice it.


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You know what? I've always believed they were WW, but now that Scorps mentioned BYS, it makes total sense. I bought them from Nathan in Toronto (red dragon), along with his BYS wing, which is still on my car. He also still has the BYS spats. I believe he had the whole BYS kit minus the lip (he had and sold me his old Gruppe M CF lip). I am certain they are BYS, and if so...I SOLD THEM FOR TOO LITTLE ARGH!!!!11!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :mad:
Now, like a good little boy, go and rip his spats off of his car, and sell them to me for couple hun.
Let me know if I got to send out reinforcements to help you.
They are not wings west, they are "backyard special" (the brand) side skirts, or the replicas raceonusa makes of them. If they're BYS, they will be stamped, if they're raceonusa, they will be hiflex composite fiberglass.

I would say this design is perhaps more desirable than Wings West (imo).

Good eye Scorp!

Again, nice looking sideskirts....I want a set, that's why I was asking... :wink:
Hey Trev,

If there's enough demand, why not pull off some molds and make a set of ffffman signature series skirts? :cool:
Number 1, I'm not Stacy!
Number 2, The neighbors kids wont let me touch their play-dol.
Number 3, Not sure how much demand there is for sideskirts with a slot to hold aluminum baseball batz.
I think your new signature series spatz will look great......cant wait to see some pics and find out if I made the wrong decision.......:biggrin:
wow... its going through its millionth owner... lol...:eek:

i got these sides from my buddy who originally had them painted in white!!!!!!

he got them from japan and i'm sure they were used... lol :biggrin:

Wow, I always get the hand me downs.....lol
The new spatz should put this over the top though.
Thanks to all who have contributed to me all their goods.