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Simple tool to replace rear beam bushings with non-compliance parts

20 January 2008
I recently bought Non-compliance rear beam bearings from [MENTION=9035]titaniumdave[/MENTION].
To install them without removing the rear lower beam I devised a simple tool that can easily be reproduced locally ( I'm located in France)
It consists of two parts that go on eitheir side of the bearing with a 16 mm bolt ( not shown) that goes through both parts.
Tightening the bolt will pull the smaller diameter part against the bushing and push it out of it's cavity.
Once it's unlocked a standard tube with an inside diameter of 55 mm and 60 mm long is inserted between the two parts to finish the job.
Mounting the new bearing is the other way round.
I'll have the tools built next week I hope.
Here's the drawing

View attachment Extracteur bagues suspension V2.pdf
Very nice. I just finished my front lower cedar ridge beam bearing install and used these tools as well with a c-clamp press

I still wonder the level of effort required to get the bearing out?
Have you done the rear yet?