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slow rolling window

15 September 2000
Hillsburito, OR
I have a slow rolling window. I think I saw a topic a while back stating a motor rebuild cured this??

The Dali "window thingy" is just to prevent total failure mode but has nothing to do with fixing a slow window??
Try lubing your window rails. I have the same problem (i.e. slow rolling windows), and I plan to lube the rails up in the near future.
I had this done through my local Acura delaership and you can see the difference. It beats changing out the motor!!!


91 NSX Black/Ivory
95 BMW M3 Black/Black
Originally posted by scott:
What type of lube do you use?

I dont recall the repair manual saying to use anything special. I just went with a moly/graphite lithium grease. I suppose that normal lithium grease will do just fine.

Check the faq here for the complete details. In a nutshell, grease the 2 window rails, the white spool where the window regulator attaches to the bottom of the window, and the plastic cable guides at then top/bottom of the regulator. A little grease will work wonders

On a side note, I recently made the mistake of replacing the regulator and front and rear sashes. After I opened up the door and inspected it, I found that the grease would have been sufficient. But since I had it open (and the parts were non-refundable), I swapped the pieces out for the new ones anyways. Worthless dealer recomendations... look before you leap!

SO... if you need a fairly good condition drivers side regulator, front sash or rear sash, let me if you are interested. This might be useful for folks with the weak pre-93 regulators or a torn sash.

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from the FAQ

From Service Bulletin, 93-004 "Use High Temp Urea Grease part # 08798-9002 all around the white plastic spool and on both sides of the glass mounting plate."

I'll end up using this grease if I can find it or some lithium, order the Dali fixit thing and slap that bad dog in. Helpful info in the FAQ on how to make a wrench to slap in tha dali "fix it thingi"