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Smog Test Only Center

15 September 2004
Antioch, CA
Can anybody recommend a reputable Smog Test Only Center in Contra Costa county where I can take my NSX to get tested?

Thanks in advance!

You may want to check A.J.'s Smog station in Brentwood on Brentwood Blvd..

I can't vouch for NSX work, but I had to get my Honda done in a hurry, and he was very careful with the car. Done in about 25 minutes. Knowledgeable, helpful and less expensive than others in the area...75 out the door.

Can't help you with a shop but a heads up. Make sure you get one that has the equipment in the ground flush/level with the ground when you roll in to avoid scraping your lip. Even those that have a minor 6-8" ramp (like Sears) may scrape your front lip if you have it lowered by 0.5" HTH.
Also be sure to get the cats nice and hot. My car failed the first time after sitting for 40 minutes. After a quick 10 minute warm-up down the street it passed with no problem!