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Test pipes, cats and DC Sport header

29 July 2023
Since I got my car through CA Smog test, I got a few misc parts to divest. Price is firm as it wouldnt be worth the time to package them up for anything lower.

#1 DC Sport header for the front bank. $100 + pp fee and shipping.
You might ask what happened to the rear bank header. It had a crack and I applied extreme violence to it so it is unusable.

#2 91-94 test pipes (definitely not cats). $100 + pp fee + shipping for both.

They look like cats but have no active elements inside. They are completely hollow. If you want test pipes with the factory look, these are for you. Please note one of the studs is shorter than the others.

#3 rear bank cat. $75 + pp fees and shipping. Please check fitment-SOLD
First of all, I am not sure the active element in this cat works at all since I failed CA Smog with this cat. Second, there is visible blockage in this cat. I can see daylight though it but not through all the cells. I paid $600 on ebay for this and the next item.

#4 front bank cats.$75 + pp fee and shipping. Please check fitment-SOLD
Similar to the item above, I am not sure the active element in this cat works at all since I failed CA Smog with this cat. However unlike the prior cat, all the cells are clear and there is no visible blockage.

I have not given anyone good reasons to buy these and I don't accept returns. Thanks for looking and sorry I didn't put the date in the pics.
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Just to confirm, the 91-94 hollow "test pipes" or the two cats that I failed the CA smog with?

Once I hear back I will box them to determine weight. You can pm me your zip code so I can determine shipping. Thanks