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Smoked a COBRA last night... heh

I was in the car with Electro when he smoked that '95 Cobra. I have a '97 Cobra with mufflers, 4:10 gears, eibach springs and a K&N. That's all I've done to it. My car is quick. Electro and I go to lunch everyday in either my cobra or his NSX and they are both very very fast. People have to understand a certain thing that nobody seems to have touched on. It's the way that it feels when you romp on it. The NSX isn't overly impressive till the second cams come alive and it pulls very flat thru the power band. The American V8's (Mustangs, Camaro's, Fireturds, Vettes.. etc.) have a very powerful bottom end that gives you that raw feeling of being tatooed to a seat, and that is cause by torque, either by gearing or tranny or whatever, torque is torque. I have a '72 Caddy hearse that makes more torque than any 2 cars on this board put together, it doesn't accelerate for squat (probably because it weighs 7000lbs and has 3.15 gears) but you feel it push you into the seat in an authoritative manner. I'm a fan of the Mustang. The NSX is a very nice car, very fast, handles like a dream, but I prefer American cars.

You have to be a car person before you can be a brand loyal person. Appreciatte the fact that every car you are talking about is is faster than 95% of the crap thats on the road, and that is what makes us the same.

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Need an article? Here --> Thirteen cars (well, one is a truck) at the same track, on the same day under the same conditions with drivers willing to beat on them:

Thanks for the reference. Easy to see that a Camaro/Firebird won't smoke an NSX. (It's my opinion that a difference of two hundredths of a second in the quarter mile doesn't qualify as "smoking".) In fact, it illustrates how well acceleration figures correlate with power-to-weight ratio.

It also contradicts those who might have been claiming that a new NSX would smoke a new LS1 Camaro (or Firebird Formula).

Of course, the 3.2-liter NSX coupe would have done even better than the NSX-T they tested...
Originally posted by David:
Lud, What's up with the 'ghosting' posts? Does is have anything to do with my having several windows open on my browser?

Possibly... or if you click on the Submit button a couple times if it was slow responding. I will delete them.
Originally posted by David:
A new LS1 Camaro or ram-air Firebird will beat a new NSX in real world stoplight to stoplight driving. Against a 5 spd, 3.0L NSX it isn't even close. They just have too much torque and a suspension that is much more suitable for hole shots.

Not TRUE ! I raced a 6-sp C5 from a stoplight to 80mph and I was neck-n-neck with him the entire way... I know the C5 driver and - yes - he knows how to drive.
Funny how my life seems to parallel some of the topics on this BBS!!
Yesterday AM, I am headed to work, and notice a 98 ish Camaro SS behind me, he is right on my tail, so at the next light, I just eased out, and got ahead of traffic, and pulled into the right lane. He passed me, and looked over, then went on his merry way. (I'm not driving aggressively at all, due to the fact that i have no plates, or License app. for sticker yet)
This AM, I'm on my way to work, and i look in my rear veiw mirror, and LOW AND BEHOLD, there he is again. This time when we got to the light, him behind me, I jumped all over the NSX, I pulled hard through 2nd, and into third before letting off, he was behind about 5 car lenghts, but not losing ground. I pulled into the right lane, and he pulled up beside me and gave me the thumbs up. Next light, he rolls down his window, and says "NICE car!!" 2 or three lights later, I was behind him ata alight, and he hit it hard, I followed, and was about 5 lenths behind, but not losing ground.

Moral of the (overly long) Story ---> These 2 cars are pretty similar in the 1/4 mile. I don't think that in a Stock VS Stock race any one is going to get Smoked!!!


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A very mute subject. Fact is, is that I can make a 1987 Hyundai Excel destroy your NSX or Mustang Suprcharged whatever or Camara SS blown with NOS off tthe line or 1/4 mile or whatever you please. How many of you guys want to trade? Off course not. There is simply much more invloved then a simple stop light to stop light. Porsche is a good example-their models trounce many other faster cars (911 TT excluded) on the track all the time. Why? Engineering. Just like the NSX is engineered from the ground up to be a pure bred no excuse sports car with power,brakes, chassis,etc.... Just because a car is quicker then another certainly does not make a difference when comparing apples to oranges. IF (big if) by chance some guy in a Camara SS waxes an NSX off the line, do you honestly think he is going to believe his car is BETTER then the NSX? I can pretty much guarantee to you that that guy would trade in his Chevy for your NSX in a heart beat if you gave him a chance. You want fast-go buy a old Camara,slap on a Vortec and run the 1/4 in 11-12's. You wont stop for sh*t,handle for squat, and the door handles will fall off every 6 months. No cheap shot, its just that I have owned every domestic car a sane person would want. In the end it is still a Chevy, nothing more than that. Fine for the masses of affordability, but not for the likes of those on this board.

For sale: 87 Excel- 580 HP, NOS,Turbocharged, 1/4 in 10.1 seconds @ 136 mph. Would like to trade for a NSX,Porsche, or Super Duper Chevy Z28SS with good door handles and 900 hp. Any bites?
I guess I'm getting a bit confused on what exactly everybody is getting irated about. Isn't the question, "what car is faster?" Faster... Is that from one stop light to the next light? Is it while getting on the freeway on ramp? Is it from 0 to how fast traffic will allow? 0-60? Quarter mile? I would think the most opportunities/ situations for racing would be at stop lights and possibly while you're already moving(ie: getting on the freeway on ramp)

Correct me if I'm wrong, but if you're racing short distances(such as stop light to the next light), doesn't it depend heavily on the driver and how well he/she can launch their cars? The Camaro has so much torque that if you don't launch properly, you'll completely blow your race by smoking your tires instead. I've beaten Camaros, Mustangs, Corvettes, etc from a stop light, but have been beaten silly by some who really know how to drive their cars. It's a given fact that the NSX is a very easy car to launch and drive. The best and repeatable launch I've found was to rev the engine to 4k and dump the clutch. I get some tire slip, slight bog due to tires trying to get grip, then the rest is an adrenaline rush each and every time. Whether it's a Camaro, Mustang, Firebird, Corvette, or whatever car it is, they are all VERY different than the NSX. The NSX is all about finesse & rarity. I get more stares from people while I'm driving my NSX slow in traffic rather than driving it fast. In my book, I would have to put "gawk-factor" right up there with performance.
The weather finally gave us a day of sunshine, so I headed off to track to get some numbers. My 94 is stock other than a home-grown 70 shot and a RM CF intake. The car dynoed 300 hp to the wheels in a garage the was 110 degrees in the shade last month.

I must say that the Vettes, Camaros and Firebirds were running pretty strong that night. Low to Mid 13's were all around me that night as I test me crappy-to-poor driving skills on the 1/4 mile.

I kept forgetting to turn the stupid TCS off, and was only able to record 2 good passes with it off. Next time I will post a sign on the glass to remind my dumb-ass to turn it off.

My best time of the night was 13.1 @ 110 mph, with a 60' time of 2.1. I know I can improve this time greatly as I did not practice one launch prior to track time.

The car felt amazing as I left the line and pressed the NOS button. Whatever car was next to me, mostly Chevys and a 95 Cobra, were soon left behind when the juice started to flow. I don't think I would of had a chance against the new Camaros if I wasn't spraying. My skill are obviously not as strong as others on this list, but those car pulled hard right from the get-go.

On a darker note, I snagged a $168 speeding ticket on the way home on the Florida Turnpike. I guess I should have left my fun at the track. NOT!!!!