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***SOLD*** Misc. Small Parts - cleaning up my garage (coolant hoses and water pump parts)

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30 June 2008
Winkler, Manitoba, Canada - near Winnipeg
Hi all, back in 2020 when assembling all the parts needed to change over coolant hoses in relation to the water pump/timing belt and thermo change...I was having a heck of time accessing parts due to the pandemic, so double and even triple ordered things from various suppliers anywhere I could find them...to ensure I had everything that would be needed, and if the original vendor indicated delays in shipping...I would then re-order from someplace else,...crazy times a couple years ago for sure...this resulted in having many extra duplicate parts for the job.

Anyway, they all went to my NSX tech who changed everything over and used what he needed....some of these were already duplicated at the time, and some showed up even a couple months after he was done with the job....

I have since sold my 2000 Silverstone and have no need for this small box full of small parts. I would prefer to sell as a "lot" , but if someone is specifically looking for something, I might have it here on this list. All are brand new, in OEM Honda unopened packaging. Keep in mind that I didn't just have the actual part changed, as part of the job, but if there was a clamp, or bolt that held something in place, I ordered replacement bolts and clamps also....(ex: new OEM bolts had that red thread seal lock on it, so I ordered new, rather than re-using the existing bolts...if you are wondering why all the misc parts)

I will do my best to describe the part, but if unsure, I can open the package and send you a picture of it...as said, these are extras from the parts listed in the schematics shown in the Wiki and online parts reference sheets for the timing belt and water pump replacement. I just searched what they are selling for on various online parts retailers and reduced price a bit from that cost. Would be very happiest to simply sell as one lump for a reasonable price...open to offers as they say.

*90661-SL0-A01 Heater Hose Clip $13.50 each 3 available
*19107-PR7-A00 Overflow tube $8.00 each. 1 available
*95701-06012-08 Flange bolt $.75 each 3 available
*19012-PD2-004 Drain Gasket $2.25 each 6 available
*19305-PR7-A00 Thermostat Mounting Rubber $4.00 1 available
*90012-PH3-004 Timing Belt Adjuster Spring Bolt $5.00 1 available
*95701-08032-08 Flange Bolt $1.25 1 available
*90042-PR7-A00 Flange Bolt $4.00 2 available
*19512-PC6-003 Hose Clip $5.75 3 available
*19222-PR7-A02 Water Pump Gasket $7.00 1 available
*19511-PR7-A01 Water Hose Clip $8.00 3 available
*90049-PH7-000 Flange Bolt $4.50 1 available
*90052-PH7-000 Flange Bolt $3.00 5 available
*91314-PR7-A00 O-Ring $2.50 2 available
*94301-06100 Dowel Pin $1.25 2 available
*91311-PR7-A00 O-Ring $2.00 3 available
*91313-PR7-A00 O-Ring $2.50 2 available
*46968-SF9-003 Oil Cooler clip $5.00 1 available

Total is around $160.00 - if anyone is interested in the whole lot, let's do something like for $140 and I will absorb shipping costs within continental USA or Canada. All are part of the coolant hose/timing belt/thermostat change if this is something you are planning to do...

NSX parts 1.jpg
Still have these available...price reduced to $100.00 US $$, with free shipping in continental US or Canada for the whole lot... Some of these were very difficult to access at the time, and likely getting tougher all the time, so if you are a First Gen NSX owner and looking at a maintenance project at some point , good time to grab these.
i'll take them.
send me paypal info or payment method

Hi roger, another member sent me a PM conversation prior to you, ...if it falls through in the next couple of days, I will reach back out to you to see if still interested. Thank you, Curtis
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