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***SOLD*** OEM mirror - Enlarged?

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11 January 2021
Ontario, Canada
Interior NSX mirror - Honda NSX but not OEM? NSX part with the SL0 clearly marked on it. It looks exactly like my stock mirror except slightly larger. Was this offered by Honda as an option?
Like new condition.
It's slightly than the stock interior mirror as can be seen in the pictures. The mounting arm and outer cover are identical. Although larger, the sun visors still clear it easily, almost like this was designed to be larger and still clear them. My stock mirror measures 226 x 68.6 mm which I think is OEM. This one is 240 x 73.8 mm.
$60 shipped to US or Canada.
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I know that there were some larger mirrors in the Acura lineup from that era that are a direct fit. Did you have this one on your car? Notice a difference?
I had it on for the last year. Fit perfectly and cleared the sun visors neatly. I didn't notice a difference driving, so I'm putting my stock one back on. I originally thought it was a mirror from another Honda, but it does have the SL0 in the exact same spot as my stock NSX mirror, and that is a code for NSX only.
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No. I can't find a Honda Part # on either of them. Both have the identical SL0 in a box inside the attachment part by the windshield. On the back of body of the mirrors:
I E6 010188
I e6 02 0188
I E6 010264
I e6 02 0264
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SL0 means NSX- no other Honda car used that part code (also PR7). I wonder if it a Canada spec thing for regulatory purposes?
I got the mirror from a guy in New Jersey.

But I always wondered if this mirror was specified for some jurisdiction outside North America.
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still have the mirror? if so, is it COMPLETE? (i'm particularly interesting in the mounting arm and fixin's)
Yep, all the fixin's. I think it even came with the little metal part that gets attached to the windshield. I'm away for the weekend but I'll check when I get back.
i'm in! i'm away for about 24 hours myself... we can take care of it when you get back... 😉👍 thanks!
Found it. I had bought it separately so it was in another separate bag/box... So I can include the metal base plate that attaches to the windshield if you want it.

I assume these old ads are grandfathered so I don't need to add a new picture with showing my new username. I can do so if requested as I really want to support these anti-scamming measures.
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yes, please... PM me and I'll get it going... Thanks!
Got the mirror... Thanks!
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