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some NEW driving shots (by friends) of ORANGE WIDEBODY~!!!

7 September 2003
Newport, CA
hope you guys enjoy. a few of my good friends came up from SD today, and decided to put their camera to good use. thought it was nice pics. too bad we couldn't get some super nice shots. but oh well...



i guess i'll be patient with it. if i ever happen to get a reasonable amount for it, then maybe. but in the mean time, looks like im keeping the nsx. i'm actually about to pick up a g35 coupe right away.
nice shots! I saw your car for sale on ebay. I love it! I am in the market for a new ride. I especially like the rear splitter and how the widebody flares out on the rear fenders. 2020 did an excellent job.
i had NO idea. is this a printed magazine? or an online feature? if anything, can someone please post for us to see? i also heard the car was also in the UCI newspaper as they covered hot import nights LA...

yeh, no more mercedes for now... i figure the g35 is a fun car to have for now... maybe look into the benz later this summer. but i'll enjoy it for now...