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SOS aem v2 autotune?

3 May 2008
i am tuning the car and i just can not get this quick tune option to work. my wb02 is connected to aem, o2 FB is turned ON, target AFR is set, all works ok, i even see that o2FB is adjusting fuel to match correct AFR, but i just can not put this new value into the fuel map with quick tune hotkey ctrl+f12.
Can somebody explain to m how this thing works? tuning on a dyno with eddy current takes me too much time for adjusting all manually.

i read on aemforum what people say:
The quicktune feature uses a 02 fb channel with a "gain" value that weights it to make changes via a hotkey realtime. It works similar to the autotune, but is easier and quicker to setup. It works better than the autotune imo, as the autotune really only worked well on a load cell'd dyno where you could hold the car in specific cells for a long period.

To setup quicktune go to tools, preferences, and click on quick tune, and then select the channel and the gain.

but it does not work in my case.
any opinion?