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SOS perfect service !

9 May 2002
Receive today my parts from SOS.
(bracket 02 headlight, O2 plug, NA2 header to NA1).

Everything perfect !

Thanks again, you are the best !
I've ordered alot of misc parts as well and SoS came through, Im surprised when you spend a few 1000 they dont give you a sticker or 2 for your car hahaha.
These guys are the standard for customer service outside of the NSX community.

Great Knowledge Base
Knows when to contact me for parts that I am looking for
Has my credit card on file so that I don't have to look at it while driving.

The list goes on and on.....
I can absolutely vouch for SOS. Very professional, fair, and honest. Their communication is top-notch, whether it's over the phone, or via e-mail. The bad vendors have to be pointed out for the protection of the members, and the good vendors have to pointed out for the benefit of the members.

SOS is a properly run operation, who I can fully recommend.
Another heads up for Chris and Bryan at SOS

Purchased Project Mu NS pads on there special deal.

Reliable, quick communication and great product

Thanks guys!