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Speaker Amplifer - Repair and Capacitor Replacement

5 August 2014
Since one of the three amplifiers received couldn't be repaired, the owner bought a replacement unit from an Australian seller. The state was described as "working" - which was technically correct but only for about ten minutes and with reduced volume. From a first picture it could be seen that it's one of the early boards equipped with green capacitors.


Interestingly, the large voltage stabilizing capacitors were still OK but all the green ones had leaked.

The area was carefully cleaned, including the removal of contaminated silk screen, solder added for further protection and new capacitors installed.
Luckily the capacitors from the impossible-to-be-repaired amplifier were matching and could be simply taken over.

A 30 minutes test run at increased volume was completed without any issues and at the correct voltage. After applying new conformal coating and hot glue to secure the coils it's now considered repaired and will be on the way to its owner soon. Good to know that his audio system should now be completed and went from completely dead to fully working (even though it took a few months).

Good afternoon sir, I have two OEM radios and neither one works anymore. They power up but the sound is bad on one and the other the c/d player works after it warms but the radio sounds bad.
I was able to get one from a 2004 car and hoping when I get time to install it my trouble will be over for good.
I’d like to get my other two repaired.
Would you be willing to repair the other boards if I sent them to you ?
You would have to tell me which ones to send but I can kind of figure it out from the pics in this post but would want to be sure before I send them. Thanks you for considering this.

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