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Speed Channel Won't Air F1 Next Year

That's just f@#kng great. If they screw it up as bad as Fox did when they broadcast the 4 midseason races, it'll be as dogshit as HRT. Do they not understand that part of the allure of watching F1 is getting up at 6:30 on Sunday to watch the European races or staying up until 3AM to watch the flyaways? I want my F1 LIVE not at f@#king noon on Sunday. Goddamn---

Somebody needs to get it over with and just park one in Bernie's brain pan before he destroys the sport for good.
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I miss SpeedVision. Speed channel sucks ever since it became the NASCAR channel.

Me too! Remember when they showed things like WRC and IIRC, America's Cup yatch racing. Speed, like ESPN used to show sports but now it is crap like reality shows, talk shows and hype shows ad naseum.

I am rapidly approaching cutting the cable. Or at least paring it down. Perhaps I'll read more on the Wikipedia.

Go right ahead. I did that back in 2003 when HDTV broadcasts came out. I started using an antenna, and a very fast internet connection.

I've got the fast internet pipe, just not the OTA capability because of my location. But w/ the networks showing their prime time shows over th internet, I could probably live w/out networks, just live sports would be a problem.

might as well change it from SPEED to NASCAR. Thats all they show.
u fing real
it will be a mess
the broadcasters will not know crap
stupid comments and no idea of the history

they will get some talking heads that look nice for appeal
but will have as much knowalage as a rock ....

with F1 at last back in the USA why o why would they turn it over to a broadcast station like this who will not show the 2 days before the race or broadcast live in the middle of the night .....
ladies and gentilmen welcome to the age of happy,giddy,preaty faces and jokes so the sport will be more appeling to the are chair viewers and Nascar viewers.
i know may be all the sponcers will change to like UPs,Bud,etc
lets waite to see how it shakes out...todays cable stations are so diverse and owned by who knows,maybe F1 will end up on something like velocity,or TLC.....honey booboo and F1 :eek:
SpeedTV was good but it is more restricted now in Canada than it was years ago. Speed was only good for Friday practises now. Last month I switched from SpeedTV to the Cartoon Network. Much better. I am enjoying the F1 broadcasts with DC commentating.
YGBTSM! Finally theres a real F1 Track in the U.S. and they're adding New Jersey to make it two and then they send the TV coverage to the back room. Whoever said the commentators will suck is in the right of it. They' wont cover practice and qualifying coverage and post race coverage w/ driver interviews will be gone. NASCAR's squeezed everything other form of racing to the periphery, I never cared for it but I've come to loathe it...turn LEFT...turn LEFT...CAUTION...RAIN DELAY, boogety-boogety-boogety, I'd rather watch pigs copulate.
All of you are out of your mind if you think Speed broadcasts are any good!! Not only do they not show all the practices, sometimes when the race goes over 2 hours, we don't even get the post race interviews and what not. they'll cut to whatever NASCRAP show they have going on, even if its not a race.

BBC and Sky is where it's at. Streaming is the way to go if you want to watch it live. If you want to watch it in HD, all you have to do is wait a few hours for the torrents to be uploaded. That's how I do it when I don't get a chance to watch it live.
Simple solution: have BBC or Sky offer their coverage to a US-based network.

Then we won't have to download anymore. I'll even go out of my way to buy whatever products are advertised during the F1 broadcasts.

Some PBS stations offer Japan's national network broadcasting in English, just as they have offered BBC world news for years.
comcast has a bbc america channel....I'll hope.
I'm willing to reserve judgement until I see the finished product. NBC is promising expanded coverage across their vast networks. All things considered, I'd take NBC over Fox all day.

NBC Group gets U.S. rights deal to broadcast F1

Read more: http://www.autoweek.com/article/20121015/f1/121019908#ixzz29PBwibjg
2013 F1 TV Schedule
Date Grand Prix Network*
March 17, Australia - NBC Sports Network
March 24, Malaysia - NBC Sports Network
April 14, China - NBC Sports Network
April 21, Bahrain - NBC Sports Network
May 12, Spain (Barcelona) - NBC Sports Network
May 26, Monaco - NBC Sports Network
June 9, Canada - NBC
June 16, *TBD - NBC Sports Network
June 30, United Kingdom - NBC Sports Network
July 14, Germany - NBC Sports Network
July 28, Hungary - NBC Sports Network
Aug. 25, Belgium - NBC Sports Network
Sept. 8, Italy - NBC Sports Network
Sept. 22, Singapore - NBC Sports Network
Oct. 6, Korea - NBC Sports Network
Oct. 13, Japan - NBC Sports Network
Oct. 27, India - NBC Sports Network
Nov. 3, Abu Dhabi - NBC
Nov. 17, USA (Austin) - NBC
Nov. 24, Brazil - NBC
*New Jersey race awaiting final approval.
I'm willing to reserve judgement until I see the finished product. NBC is promising expanded coverage across their vast networks. All things considered, I'd take NBC over Fox all day.

I want to see what on-air talent NBC uses for their F1 package...if they are smart, they would hire the SPEED guys...

So many are quick to judge and are crying foul already though.

First of all, SPEED is going away next year. F1 already takes a back seat when it comes NASCAR on SpeedTV, a channel "dedicated" to motorsports. Now with Speed making way for Fox Sports Network, F1 would be riding in the trunk, as they will be focusing on other sports, mainly MLB, and college football. What makes you all think F1 coverage on FSN would be any better than what he currently have? :confused:

Secondly, I keep hearing about how great Bob, Steve, and David are as commentators. Obviously most of you have not seen a race commentated by the folks over at BBC or SKY. Yeah, we don't get those channels on this side of the pond, but they are leaps and bounds ahead of what we have. I haven't had cable in a while, so I either stream the races, or if I miss a race, I download a torrent of it. I much rather either of those, than to watch a race on Speed, even if it may not be live.
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Obviously most of you have not seen a race commentated by the folks over at BBC or SKY.

Yup, we do not get their coverage of F1 over here in the colonies, obviously. I would be interested to hear the options though that are being entertained. I like being able to watch practice, qualifying, pre-race, race and post race that speed has been able to show and when on fox has not.
Before long, BBC can sell each segment of their coverage on the internet, just like how google play now sells movies and music.

It'll have digital rights protection, be very timely, be free of ads, and be expensive enough that they can make some real money doing so.