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22 December 2002
Sector 001, the Terran System
okay guys need some opinions and some advice here..(brainstorming)

I have a paintball (5 man speedball) team whose ages ranges from 14 - 29.
We have playing together for roughly 5 months now. We practice at least once a week (roughly $300 CND/practice for entire team)and have finished no lower than 4th in 2 local rookie tournys. We will be playing another local tourny at the end of June and if we do fairly well we plan on playing some tournys outside our city. Unfornutely it gets expensive. (roughly $1800 CND per tourny outside of our city for the entire team) If you were a potential sponser. What would you expect from us? and what would you be willing to do for us?
I believe there was a good issue on sponsorship in the latest paintball 2xtremes ( might have been a different one). It had a lot of good tips on getting sponsorship and what to expect.
Sponsorship package should be developed on what you could do for us. Basically a sponsor is paying for you to advertise for them. Keep it in a business perspective and pretend you were a company looking to make an investment into paintballing.

Also, don't limit yourself to just things within paintball. Think outside the box and it may help you options. I had a sponsorship w/ a diving place when i was into it. Why? Air.

Good luck,
I'd think of it as applying for a job. Show them a list of your accomplishments, maybe make a video or two. Like the guy before me said, you gotta get your name out there. Don't just shoot for the big sponsorships, I think we were sponsored by a paintball magazine or newspaper or something. If you want, I can get you the contact info of the manager of our team who was responsible for getting all the sponsorship stuff. He's a great guy and I'm sure he'd be willing to help out as he pulled some great deals for us.