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Spotted: '94 Brooklands Green NSX at King City Ferrari Concourse (Ontario)

1 May 2001
Point of No Return
I was at the Ferrari Club of Ontario concourse today in King City and as we were waiting for the Ferrari's to show up a '94 Brooklands Green NSX with Onyx interior rolls in!! It was kind of dirty, but I was glad to see an NSX on the move. License plate was something like 'UNEVRNO' or something close. It was VIN #RT800029 with about 130,000 kilometers on it and the guy was there to play a round of golf. Is the owner on here?
A guy a work with has a 95 BG NSX. One owner car. He is looking at Fcars and if somone offered him anything reasonable for his NSX, he'd sell it.


Not sure of the mileage. The car is generally dirty. The rims have been curbed. Its probably a good fixer-upper for someone looking for a NSX in good mechanical condition.