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Spotted Red NSX in nowhere Kansas!

7 October 2008
Where ever the Army says :)
Well I just PCS'ed to Kansas about a month ago due to the military and yesterday I was driving through the small military town Junction City, KS and saw a red Gen I NSX. Is this anyone's on Prime? I just sent mine off to Cody at LoveFab to get the engine rebuilt and get a few more ponies out of it. :biggrin: I would love to do a drive over the summer in the area. I've heard SR-177 is a good drive for Kansas. Can't wait to meet some members in the area!
I was in Kansas for a long drive today, but not in Junction city. Pretty sure it wasn't me.
Im stationed in Wichita and drive my 91 formula red around quite often however its in storage right now because Im out of the country.
A red NSX in JC? That's my hometown, but I've never driven my NSX there, only in the Kansas City area. I would love to know who's NSX that is.
Hey, I heard from a friend that you were asking about the red nsx, well it happens to be mine, I have owned it for 9 years. Are you still at ft.Riley? Or deployed. I have a body shop in J.C. Walsh Customs at 18th and Jackson. Come by and say hello. See ya soon.