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Squeak from rear hatch?

13 September 2000
Encino, CA

My 97 NSX-T has developed a fairly nasty squeak/creak when going over bumps/rough roads. At first I thought it was the targa top, but then I found it still occurred when the top was removed.

With top removed, it sounded like it was coming from the front of the car (under the windshield/dash, but I finally figured out a couple days ago that it's likely from the rear glass hatch and the sound is "reflecting" off the front of the windshield. (Us silly humans have been designed with forward-facing ears, making it tougher to diagnose rear squeaks on NSX's)

I found that by pushing down on the rear glass hatch, towards a far corner/side (not in the middle portion.. Pressure needs to be off-center) I could create a loud rubber squeak which is probably the squeak/creak in question.

That said, how do I get rid of it? I tried washing all the rubber (both under the glass, and along the engine-cover) with warm water that had a touch of dishwasher detergent in it.. No dice, the squeak remained.

Could it be that the rear hatch needs to be either tightened down more or less? (I think I noticed the there was a "bumper" that looked adjustable.. ?

Any other thoughts? Anyone experience this before?

Hey Marc, how are things?

I have no idea about your situation as I haven't heard any squeaks from the rear hatch even when I open and close it. Hmmmm...

--akira3D ('00 NSX-T red/black #113)
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Originally posted by akira3d:
I have no idea about your situation as I haven't heard any squeaks from the rear hatch even when I open and close it. Hmmmm...

Hi Eric!

You out of "crunch mode" yet?

It's not an "open/close" sort of thing.. I don't get any squeaks from that either. The squeaks only occur over rough road, more so I think when the bumps I go over are on one side of the car or the other (as opposed to a speed bump, which has equal distribution).

To see how there's movement in the system.. Put your hands on the edge of the rear glass at the driver's side corner (with the rear glass closed). In other words, start by placing your hands where you would to close the rear hatch, but then bring your hands from the center towards you, until you're to the edge/corner where the glass now starts going forward towards the driver.. At around that corner/edge, start applying up/down pressure.. I bet you'll find some movement there (?).. For me, I get movement + a squeak.


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My suggestion would be to determine if in fact the rear hatch is the culprip. Unlatch the rear glass and place a towel in between the glass and latch. Then drive the car. If the noise disappers, then you know for sure this is the problem. If not, then?

If you determine it is the rear hatch, there is an adjustment on the hatch latch.

Good luck and please post your results.

97 Red/Blk NSX-T