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Plastic like trim around the rear hatch glass

3 November 2011
Saskatchewan, Canada
I was looking at my rear hatch and noticed that the little flexible plastic lip on the outside edging piece on the rear hatch glass has seen better days. About 8 cm of the little flexible lip is actually missing in the area where you fit your hand to lift the rear glass. I have looked at the parts diagrams

Front windshield glass for Honda NSX 1 generation 09.1990 - 11.2001 - Honda Car and Auto Spare Parts - Genuine Online Car Parts Catalogue - Amayama

and it appears to be part #11 . I have had a look at the service manual and replacement looks to be a 'non trivial' project. Has anybody done the replacement? If so, what did you use for the primer and adhesive. I have found 3M primer and something called BetaPrime which are both for use with urethane adhesives (neither is exactly inexpensive).

From the outside, the edging looks just fine. I am wondering if it is better to just let this sleeping dog lay and maybe touch it up with a little urethane sealant?
Easy job. Best done off the car. Need some Alcohol and a razor blade to clean off the old adhesive and then a TINY bead of any kind of rubber adhesive applied from a sharp point nozzle directly in the trim. Start pushing it on at a corner and work it around. Be careful not to overextend the corners to much they can separate where they are bonded.
Thanks for this. Its the portion of the trim that goes around the bottom of the hatch that is in rough shape. Do you think it would be realistic to separate the trim at the corners and just the replace the bottom portion?
I think trying to cut the trim apart would result in the cut corners pulling back and there being a gap over time.

Its not a difficult part to replace, you don't even need adhesive to put the new one on, it's stayed just fine with no adhesive for almost 6 years since I replaced mine. Just pull the old one off, scrape the glue with a razor blade, and slip the new one on.

If you want to use adhesive though 3m makes a weatherstip and gasket adhesive that comes in a tube for $7-$8 that works pretty well.
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The no glue solution is appealing. Me + any type of adhesive invariably = lots of clean up.