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squeaky clutch

6 June 2004
Los Angeles
How do I get rid of the squeaking noise when I press on the clutch? It is not from the clutch pedal area. I think it came from the somewhere near the transmission.

Thanks. :smile:
the squeaks occur when I press down the clutch. the noise occurs when the pedal is near the bottom. this is with the engine off.

I don't know if that noise occurs when I am driving. I probably won't be able to hear it anyway.
This is a common problem with an easy fix.

If your clutch is operating OK then all you need to do is remove the slave cylinder (2 bolts) and lube the release fork (at the point where the slave cylinder push rod rests on the release fork) with molibeniem disulfide grease (I'm not sure how its spelt but this grease is readily available at your local Honda or Acura dealer).
Donot put a lot of grease here......a little goes a long way.
You cannot spray lubricant externally to resolve this problem.
However to remove the slave cylinder is a 5 minute job requiring only hand tools (2 bolts), a jack to raise the car......and grease the pivot (see my earlier post).
The problem with sending the car into a mechanic is that they may tell you that you require a clutch, slave, ect when all you may need is a little grease.
If you are not a mechanic or mechanically inclined then how would you know if the advice is correct?
If your not comfortable servicing this yourself then perhaps you should send the car in to the dealer and take your chances.
I have repaired many a clutch "squeak" with a little grease in the appropriate area (vettes, ferrari, porsche, nsx, ect).
Note: if your release bearing is going then you should feel some actuation harshness when you apply the clutch, not just a noise.