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SRS Light Reset via OBD2?

19 December 2016
Removed my passenger side seat this weekend only to forget to disconnect my battery. Once I reinstalled the seat, my SRS light is now on. Anyone know if this is something that only Acura can reset or can a good OBD2 reader reset? I have a cheap one so it is not doing the trick. Maybe time to invest in a good OBD2 reader?

2017 Pearl White
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I purchased the Foxwell NT530. You get one free software package which I choose Honda/Acura. I also paid for an additional software package for my 2017 Volvo XC90 Plugin. The unit works well and gives you access to many of the modules in your car. You can successfully clear codes and display test results. Obviously a bit more expensive at $165 but worth the money as it is so much better than those units that plug in to your OBD2 connector then require your phone and software. I had the same issue with our Volvo when I removed one of the rear seats so that our dog could more easily get into the rear compartment.
thanks for your reply. I ended up purchasing the Zurich ZR13 OBD2 Code Reader with ABS/SRS/Fix Assist. Paid $160, but was not able to clear the SRS warning code. Device says their is no error code? May have to swig by my local Acura dealer.

There in is the difference. My unit required specific software for Acura/Honda, so I have access to all the modules. I would recommend that you return your unit to Harbor Freight and check out the Foxwell nt530 on Amazon. I ended up purchasing directly from Foxwell. I also paid for Volvo software and found it very capable. When I removed my rear seat to enable my dog’s easier access to the rear I used this unit to clear the SRS error codes when I replaced the seat. Of course nothing is as capable as the manufacturer’s own hardware and software.


  • Upgraded version of the NT520 PRO scanner with improved hardware. Compatible with both OBDI and OBDII vehicles
  • Service Features: Battery Reset, Injector Coding, TPMS, SRS, EPB, Brake Deactivation, Service Reset, Steering Angle Sensor (SAS) Calibration, DPF Regeneration, ABS Bleeding, BCM/SIR Setup, TPS/TBA (Throttle Body Alignment), etc.
  • Multi-System Diagnosis: Engine, Automatic Transmission, ABS, Airbag, Immobilizer, Climate Control, Fuel Pump Control Module, Fuel Injection Control Module, All-Wheel Drive Control, VG transfer case Module, Electronic Selector Module, Body Control Module, Digital Radio, Standard Radio, Drivers Door Module, HVAC, Instrument Cluster, Seat Memory Module, Theft Deterrent, Amplifier, Central Gateway, Immobilizer, etc.
  • Advanced functions such as Actuation, Adaption and Programming
  • Expandable up to 5 car brands - Free Online Updates. One year warranty.

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agree will be returning the unit. The ZR13 does have some Acura features as the units requires you to select the Brand/Model/year of the vehicle, but for whatever reason the unit cannot address the SRS light I am getting. Scanner basically says it is not seeing any SRS error codes? Will be ordering what you own. thanks!
Again the Foxwell nt530 automatically pulls up the Vin number after you plug it in. It identifies the car specifically. If you buy from Amazon and do not like it, it is a easy return. Purchase with Honda/Acura software already loaded in. It can also perform generic analysis on other makes (sounds like what yours is doing) but lacks the detailed capabilities that you need in most instances.

I also paid for Volvo software. I have been able to compare this unit with my VIDA (Volvo approved laptop, ethernet adapter, VIDA software and 3 Day Subscription allowing access to Volvo Sweden) If I want to download the latest software upgrade for my car I have to use the VIDA unit and pay for the software. I can also do things that any dealer would want to do. This is different than what the Foxwell nt530 can do (primarily diagnostic). There is no substitute for the OEM setup. But it does cost money. Honda/Acura has a similar system, but they do not seem to encourage its use. The software and hardware are not easily acquired. Wondering if anyone out there has gone the OEM Honda/Acura way? If so please share what hardware was required.
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received my NT530 this afternoon, worked like a charm! Cleared my SRS warning light in under 5 minutes. The issue was with the passenger seat sensor, which needed to be reinitialized since I had removed the seat from the vehicle (without disconnecting battery). NT530 ran the initialization, then had me drive the car up to 22mph, then once in Park it completed the sequence. SRS light on dash went away, then shut the vehicle off and then fired it up again to confirm SRS light was cleared.

Thanks for the assist!