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State Inspection places in Houston?

16 March 2008
Sugar Land, TX
It's that time of year again for me. I had a hell of time passing last year because of several issues. The first place (Goodyear Tire in Sugar Land) said that because of the aluminum block, their equipment could not read the RPMs to do the two speed test. (This is a 1995, which has ODBII, but Texas test all 1995 vehicles as if they are OBDI). Took it to Sterling McCall Acura, and they failed emissions twice. On a second day, it mysteriously passed (but the RPM's on the result sheet both showed 0 rpm. Hmmmm....)

This year, Sterling McCall is saying that their dyno is broken, and they do not intend to fix it or replace it. I don't know how they can continue to be an official inspection station without one, but oh well. They say it is illegal to do an OBDII test even though the 95 NSX has OBDII.

So, can anyone recommend a good place to get my NSX inspected? Preferably in the SW or Sugar Land area.

This year I moved my car location outside of Houston to eliminate the emision test and then all that is done is the safety checks for 1/2 the cost. Prior to that I had a place on Jones Road east of 290 that would do a cert on my 91 and it never went on the rolling road but they managed for two years to pass. Prior to that I had issues with people considering the exhaust to be dual rather than a single exhaust with dual outlets which changes the emission readings. If you need the name and exact location of the place that worked for me please let me know and I will get this for you. This unfortunately is a long way from Sugarland.
i had the hardest time looking for a place to do mine. However if you don't mind the drive, I went to an inspection place near 529 and hw6. It's right next to taco bell. they loaded my car up and got me out in less than 20 mins. they are very careful with the car. The inspector even put a clean towels on the seat and floor mat so he doesn't touch it and get it dirty.
I take my cars to Auto Check on Murphy road just east/north of Hwy 6. They performed the inspection on my 99 NSX and I had no problems. They were very also helpful with my Cobra and old Mustang. They seem to appreciate specialty cars.