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Stereo Amp Mounting

5 April 2002
Gonzales , Louisiana
I just puchased a 92 NSX and the previous owner had an amp installed between the steering wheel and the clutch, but under the panel. It makes the panel buldge, which gets in the way of my clutch foot. I want to move it. Does anyone have any suggestions? He already tried behind the seat, but it was too large.
I removed the toolkit in the rear of trunk and installed it there. I'm running an 800W Sony Xplod.
If you will no longer be using the factory sub under the pasenger foot well, then you can remove the sub inclosure and mount your amp to the metal sub cover. I have a four channel MTX amp in mine and it fits perfect. By the way two 8" bass drivers in the door will sound better than the factory sub and 6.5" door speakers. Much easier install and cleaner than trunk mounting your amp or having to loose the tool kit. I like the stealth look of using the old sub location and adding larger door speakers to get your bass. Just my .02 but it seems like .04

best of luck.