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Stereo Has No sound

8 July 2005
My stereo has no sound. How do I know If it is the stereo or amp. In the trunk next to the cd changer is a black box. It looks like an amp. What is it? Also does each speaker have it own amp? Could it be possible that all the speakers are blown?
Hello. I'm not certain if I am about to help. If your specific question is how to determine which part of your stereo is failing. I won't be able to help, other than a long process of checking which component has power and where is the failure.

However, The Bose speaker amps are usually the culprit. When I learned of this, I thought what are the chances all three speakers. Guess what. Three amps later my system works great. It was the first item that I repaired on my NSX and it made me feel like a super stud.

If you have not seen the write-ups in the FAQ section follow the two links that are on the bottom of this post. The first details the problem. The second is step by step instructions on how to make repairs. I went with Willman's Electronics and was very happy.

Good Luck

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