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STL Spirited drive day

1 September 2005
I know this is short notice, but here it is.

If the weather stays clear....:tongue:

We will be meeting up for a "spirited drive" around mid-morning on Saturday, Sept 13th. So far we have 4 drivers confirmed.
And 2 "maybes"

Cars confirmed:
LS1 powered RX7
2 - 350Z's Travis & friends
NSX - my car

and the maybes:
another 350Z "JAY-Z" (Jay F.) , and Bill's Infinity G35 Coupe

All drivers/passengers welcomed!!!
We will figure out the meeting area/time around Friday night. And determine the drive destination. (Decided by PM, or phone preferably)

("Possible" route 94 to Defiance. Lots of S-turns and a clear straight drag with visibility. Or other ideas welcomed and negotiable.)

Please PM for info, and or feel free to email or call me.
Joe - 314-960-1503
[email protected]
Since it's such short notice, what would you guys think about doing something next weekend (9/19 or 9/20). I think Ike is going to be wreaking havoc on St. Louis this weekend. Please PM me with details for this weekend, but with the weather and my schedule this weekend, not sure I'll make it out.