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STMPO: great vendor with great parts

19 December 2008
East bay, CA
This review is a little late in coming but I definitely wanted to share my experiences with Ross and STMPO products since I've seen such mixed feedback. First, a little bit about my experience with Ross and STMPO...

I purchased a NIB FCB from another member here on Prime earlier this year, and had never really had the chance to install it. More recently, I was looking to purchase the RSTB for my car, and wasn't really sure which bar to go with since I've been considering SCing my car and didn't want to buy the same product twice. I had some specific questions about fitment of the RSTB, and after a couple of email exchanges, ended up just giving him a call.

One of the things that struck me about Ross was that he truly appears to be an enthusiast at heart and I felt not only like a customer but like a friend. We talked shop for awhile and eventually decided that i should stick with the standard (NA) bar.

Well, a few days later it arrived and I got around to installing both bars that weekend. My earlier phone call with Ross had prepped me for any issues I might have encountered during the install, and it was a smooth install all around.

Since I installed both the FCB and RSTB at the same time, I can't comment on each piece individually, but I made sure to take a nice, long, spirited drive before the install to get a good baseline for how the car felt. Now I had read quite a bit about these parts, and had bought into the hype, so I was actually hoping that the bars would live up to my (very high) expectations. The verdict? WOW.

These two bars combined added a new stiffness to the car that I couldn't have even imagined. I could feel the chassis flex a little before the installation, but wouldn't have guessed it could feel that stiff. After having these parts on my car for over a month, the initial 'wow' factor has subsided, but I can still consciously feel and appreciate the added solidness of the car, and actually wonder how I was ever satisfied with the car before these.

For anyone on the fence about purchasing these bars, or with dealing with STMPO, I'd definitely recommend giving Ross a call to have a quick chat. If he doesn't put your mind at ease, take the risk anyway - because seriously, the bars are worth it :biggrin:
I agree, Ross is a radical dude. He's currently building me some ~tubular parts.