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Stock '98 NSX AutoX @ FedEx Field, MD

12 July 2009
So 2 weekends ago I raced my completely stock '98 NSX-T @ FedEx Field, MD hosted by AutoCrossers Inc.

The conditions was cold, windy, and wet.

The first video is front view and finished in 60.6s (sorry left the cam rolling until I parked it as this was my last run of the day)

The second video is rear view and finished in 60.5s

Unfortunately, I think my best run (probably would have been 59s :biggrin:) got cut short due to red flag before the last turn and gate. A 350z spun out in front of me.

My last event will be Sat 10/24 at Bowie BaySox stadium. I just installed Dali Track swaybars on the front and Street/Track swaybars on the rear.

I also installed Yokohama Neova 08 265x17x40 on the rears. I need to get the same tires in the front, but 235's.
Were you in A-Stock? What class would you be bumped into for having a rear swaybar?
I was in A-Stock (AS) because I didn't have the front and rear sway bars on yet. But now I am in ASP.

Well according to National SCCA Solo Rule 2008 Edition, The NSX is listed in only two categories:

A Stock (AS) - Self explanitory

F Prepared Class (FP) - This is for non street legal modifications

Suspension changes and exhaust changes put the NSX in the Street Prepared. Based from what I know the NSX would fall in A-Street Prepared (ASP).
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