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Stock Head Unit and Speakers (not working)

4 May 2021
I recently acquired an NSX and the stereo is not working properly....well I should say the sound in only coming out of one speaker and it's very low and staticky.

The stereo turns on, the lights work, antenna goes up, I can switch between AM/FM/CD (I haven't tried cassette, don't know if I can find one).

Is there a way to tell if the head unit is the problem or the speakers. I know each speaker has dedicated amp and are prone to failure. I just didn't want to open the doors up and replace/repair them without knowing for sure.

Any help would be appreciated.


Difficult to determine without known good parts to substitute. You could test the output of the radio by using your own preamp too.

None of your testing will be able to bypass the requirements of tearing down your door or center console.

The sound you're getting is a good sign that the amps need rebuilding now.

Probably time for the radio too.
Based on experience I would say the speaker amplifiers require a capacitor replacement and repair due to leakage.
The radio should be re-capped as well since they can become damaged beyond repair if waiting until they fail. Replacements are rare/expensive and often close to failing, too.
You are going to have to take apart 'something' in order to test. Either the door panels come apart so that you can check for the line level audio signal coming into the amplifiers (an earphone or headphone should allow you to do that) or you take apart the center console to get access to the head unit so that you can check for the line level audio signal coming out the back of the head unit. Either way, your taking something apart to access the line level audio signals. The center console is probably easier to disassemble than the two doors; but, the problem is likely in the door amplifiers so the doors are probably coming apart anyway. Pick your poison!

Don't forget to check the subwoofer amplifier. If the door amplifiers are suffering from capacitor leaks the sub is probably there also. The suggestions to check the head unit also has merit.
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Note that above instructions are only for replacing capacitors in a radio without damage by capacitor leakage.
Usually the amplifiers fail before the radio - I would opt for the doors :)