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Stock NSX RC Bodies?


25 November 2000
In the Q4 2000 NSX Driver mag, there's a cool pic of a red NSX (Best of Show) with a really cool looking 1/8 scale RC car.

Anyone know who the body or kit manufacturer might be?


P.S. It's not in the FAQ, FAQ Nazi!
You might ask Alex Farrington, owner of both. You can reach him at [email protected]

The RC cars are listed in the model listing linked from http://www.nsxprime.com/FAQ/Memoabilia/models/models.htm



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In addition to the wide variety of R/C bodies listed above, HotBodies also has an NSX body in narrow 190mm size.


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FAQ Nazi, thanks for Alex's email address. As I noted, the site noted in the FAQ didn't show any 1/8 scale stock NSX bodies. There was a 1/10 scale listed but I didn't find it on the Yokomo site. I'm currently using an HPI NSX with the wing chopped down to stock size. With bright red paint and grey BBS wheels, the thing looks pretty much like an NSX-Z.

BTW, my hobby shop says that Tamiya is discontinuing most of the NSX body kits that were previously available in the States. So if you like any of them (I got the last Castrol-Mugen there), better check you dealer now...


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Traded email with Alex. The body is a Tamiya 1/10 scale (not 1/8 as indicated in NSX Driver) and unfortunately, doesn't seem to be readily available in the US anymore. Thanks for the pic Lud, love those miniature side mirrors!