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Stock stereo and no sound!!

8 July 2005
I have a stock stereo and no sound output. how do I find out if it is the stereo or the amp. THere is a black box in the trunk next to the cd changer. Is this the amplifier? Does each speaker have it own amp also?
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Can you post a pic of your trunk so we can seethe "black box"

Normally the OEM set-up has a speaker assembly in each door, which contains a speaker and an individual amplifier for that component; there is also an assembly in the passenger footwell which contains an amplifier that drives a speaker in the same assembly, plus an additional speaker between the seats.
If there is an amplifier in the trunk, it is non-standard & means your system has been modified - there's no telling what may have been done without further invstigation and info.
I would think it rare that there would be absolutely zero sound if all the OEM components were in place & wired-up - usually failures are associated with wailing, hissing or popping - it would be extreme to have all three amps fail with a resultant zero output. (but not unusual to have all three amps fail!)
the system is completely stock. There used to be hiuss ordistortion before, but now it is gone. No sound. Also the black box is mounted in the trunck next to the cd changer. It looks like an antenna hook up and a factory wiring harness. It may be the computer for the nsx factory phone?
It's not unlikely all 3 have failed and are silent. The only thing you should check is if they are getting power. Power comes into the speaker/amp assy on the Black and Orange wires when the stereo is on. The amps also make a very quiet hiss when powered up and working correctly.
im having the same problem, i have a moisture leak in my trunk tho and i cant seem to find out why, its almost moust on my truck lid inside and practicall driping. :confused: