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Storing car on jack stands

17 February 2001
Is it really advisable to store a car on jack stands? I read that this was good for the tires, but won't it do anything to the suspension/shocks? What do you other cold-climate owners do?
Originally posted by NSXLNT:
...What do you other cold-climate owners do?

I drive it! Short of snow or ice, I see no reason to park it. Of course, that may be more often for you.

Tires can indeed get "square" (flat spot on the bottom) if parked all winter but they tend to go round again quickly. If you're worried about leaving the suspension droop all winter, pull the wheels and set blocks under the rotors to take just enough weight that the suspension stays up.
I don't use jack stands while my car sits during the winter. Come spring, I start it and drive away. Sometimes the tires feel a little lumpy until I get up the street and then they're just fine, no problems.
To eliminate those flat spots, just over inflate the tires slightly to around 45-50 psi, then readjust in the spring. This helps a lot!
This doesn't have anything to do with jack stands,
but this is how I store my nsx.




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Nice lift! tell us more about it:cost,installation, needed headroom.
I hope it has a high limit switch to keep you from going through the ceiling.
Looks like you have a ten-foot ceiling in your garage...? If so, good move. I don't have that much clearance in mine.

Another good move: NOT putting a flower in the stupid bud vase in the beetle.

So is the snow blower a Honda? Is the riding mower a Honda? I just bought a Honda snow blower this past fall. It has admirably performed the job intended by the purchase: preventing us from incurring any significant snowfalls here so far this winter.
(Total snowfall, season to date: 1 inch.)

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Originally posted by NSXLNT:
Nice lift! tell us more about it:cost,installation, needed headroom.
I hope it has a high limit switch to keep you from going through the ceiling.

I purchased it in december 2001 from <a href="http://www.aclifts.com/pages/parkstack/acs7.htm">American Custom Lifts </a>
Their service, follow through and follow-up after sale was perfect. It arrived within two weeks. The retail is $3000. but he sold it for $2800 delivered. It's a 7000lb lift. To be rated at 7000lbs, it must be able to withstand 21,000lbs in testing. All metal is 3/16 steel and the four aircraft quality cables are rated for 14,500 lbs each. The lift took two of us about 4-5 hours to install. It's a free standing lift with 19" tracks that allow for complete access to the bottom side of the car. It takes about 45 seconds to raise the car and about 30 seconds to lower it.

The rule of thumb is this, take the height of both cars, add 6 inches and that is the height you would need in your garage.

In my case, my ceiling is 10'3" but I have 4" clearance between the top of my NSX and the ceiling and 8" clearance between the top of my beetle and the bottom of the lift. So I really only needed 9'3". If I had two NSX's, I'd only need 8'2". I still need to back onto the lift so that my car will clear the garage door opener. One of the other reasons I chose the American Custom Lift is because it gave me the greatest width between posts and at maximum height, I still have 4" clearance between the ceiling and my NSX...the 110v system like mine does not come with a height limit switch but one is available on the 220v system.

As to the snowblowers, the tractor with the blower is a Honda 13 horse. It does a great job on my 300' driveway. The snowblower is a lawnboy.

My garage is really messy now because it's winter. I have a two car garage with three cars (the silver one is a new TL type S), two harleys, tractor, snowblower and refridgerator. Can't wait till spring to clean it out!

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