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Street Race

23 August 2001
Hey guys, Im new to this Forum but I wanted to share something with you guys..

The other night I was driving along the freeway. Along comes a Mustang GT (Fixed up due to the sound of exhaust) goes side by side with me and revves up his engine. I stayed calm and maintained my cruising speed of 60MPH, then he jumps in front of me and drives real slow, I then moved to another lane and he goes behind me with his hi-beams.

I pulled to the next lane (again maintaning my legal speed) and he was just all over me.

His passengers sticks out their hands and flicks us off.

I remained calm and continue to drive until he jumps in front of me and slams his brakes and accelerated!! I was on him like a leopard with butched up goat.

He tried to shake me off until I dropped to 4th and passed him. I had the chance to escape until reality hits me and let off the throttle..

The mustang then pulls next to me and wants to do it all over again. This time I rolled my window down and confronted the passengers, It seems like they calmed down a little and now, I felt I was the aggressor. They just took off and left me alone.

I was soo P--- off and decided to take the next exit and calm down.

Has anyone in this club experience such an event?? How will our cars do against modified V8's. My car is a 93 52K completely stock.

Thanks guys for reading,
Mustang drivers must be idiots. I was in the right lane of the Beltway the other day and this idiot in a white "Mushtang" pulls in behind me and plays the "pull up, let off" game. I maintained my 60 MPH. The Beltway was crowded and he couldn't pass me because of a string of cars in the closest left lane.

What does this idiot do, he wants to show off so much that he backs off about 10 car lengths, downshifts and come flying by me on shoulder. Then he cuts right in front of me spewing sand and gravel all over me. He just kept going.

Fortunately no damage. The bra probabaly paid for itself with that incident.

NSXs draw a lot of attention from the low IQ world.

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These are the type of situations where an idiot kills someone. Be careful of these types. Sometimes if they do not win they will run you off the road. I would rather lose any race on the street than my life. Besides I know my car is faster and thats all that matters, racing (on the street) will prove nothing more to me.
this happens to me all the time as Mustangs seem to be the car of choice for rednecks. if you are not into racing just wave them by and let them tell their friends they waxed an NSX. otherwise drop a gear and wave good bye, it would take a supercharged or nitrous kit for them to keep up. they are as slow as the dirt driveway they come from.
I'm not a redneck but I have owned 4 V8 Mustangs - A '65 hardtop, an '84 5.0 LX Convertible, a '96 GT, and a '97 GT Convertible. The fastest of the bunch was the '96 GT. I don't think you would have any trouble with most Mustangs - especially if you get into some twisty roads. Of course, the GT's I had were the 225 HP variety. I think the newer ones have about 265 hp. I haven't driven one of those.


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It's not just Mustang drivers. Similar thing happened to me but this guy was in an Audi TT. He just thought it would be fun to tailgate me at 70 mph and no matter how slow or fast I drove, he remained between 5-20 feet behind me. Finally, I took off and he pulled this crap until I hit 140 and lost him. Pretty stupid of me to drive that fast on the highway. Should have just called 911 and let them know that I was being followed.

My wife did call the highway patrol once when someone was doing this to her. She was in our 911 cab (hot blond in a 911 cab with the top down). Turns out the person was a highway patrol officer in an unmarked Camaro. Be careful, they will pull this crap on you to give you a ticket.
A few months ago here on Long Island a Vette and a Diablo got into it. They both crashed, the owner of the Diablo killed himself and an older gentlemen in the car he hit head on. I can't remember if he also killed the guys wife, and his wife was critical, I don't know what ultimately happened to her. Last week, two agressively tuned Honda's were conficated and the owners arrested for street racing. If some dope tries to pressure you into doing something stupid, maybe you could keep these stories in mind. NSX owners seem to be a fairly educated and successful group of people. We do know better.
In these situations I always hold my cell phone out the window so they can see it. I then call 911 and I give them my name and cell number. I tell 911 the truth, this guys going to kill someone.
funny story recently - civic with all the mods doing everything people are mentioning in this thread. so I pulled out my NSX club radio and pretended I was talking on it and looked up a couple times at an "imaginary" helicopter. Yes, I carry my radio to the left of the drivers seat; I have one of those small radios that fit right behind the seat adjustments. Amazing how much those things look like POLICE radio’s…..
I know the situation all too well, I can't remember how many times retards come and try to pull that crap with me, and funny thing is more than likely it's a Mustang. To date I have yet to loose a race (straight or twisty) to anybody and most of the time it's like "oh man another mustang" so I just keep driving along as I know what's going to happen and don't need to prove anything.
Some of these guys take it so serious and pull the finger, etc.. I just laugh at them out loud and I think they end up feeling stupid and drive off.
Only time I race is 1) if it's relatively safe 2) if the car seems fast, just to see. The other day a supercharged mustang pulled up at a light with me and well he was close for the first 2 gears but then it was bye bye. Those things can be VERY fast modified so I was happy. The only loss I had, if you can call it that was when I pulled up behind a GNX which was most obviously modified (big intercooler, loud exhaust, etc) and he pulled on my 2-3 car lengths by the time I was shifting into 3rd, mind you he took off a split second before I did, but when in 3rd the lead stayed the same, neither of us gained or lossed ground up to 200+kph.
I know those cars are fast and was impressed I did so well, so was he, gave me a "i'm impressed look" and a thumbs up.
Oh one more funny story, I'm a motorcyle fan/rider and have to say that most guys can't ride worth a darn. This year alone I have raced 3 R6's and a new GSXR600 which should be low 11 sec 1/4 mile bikes easily. And each time I beat these guys off the line by a few car lengths at least, then usually by 3rd gear if they hold their throttle down they should come by me handily but I always brake on them just when I notice them coming in....let me tell you this frustrates these guys so much! And they try again and again. Ha, makes me laugh all the time!
Oh well time to go, have a good day and if you are racing be safe as we have all been reminded lately, life is precious and no race is worth risking your or anybody else's life.
If someone is on my tail and trying to get me to "loose it", I just hit the window washer button! Man, you can't imagine how pissed they get. After that, they usually pull up next to me going balistic! So, I just put my hand on my forehead and pretend it was an accident...
Hey Guys, it's illegal to use your cellphone while driving in some states!
Anyway, today, a camaro boy was doing burn outs at every light behind me. It was pretty funny...
You guys should just print up I.O.U.'s offering your challengers an A$$whupping at the next track event. Racing is for the track, and it seems that is common knowledge among NSX owners. It is unfortunant that the low-cost-of-entry has cast the Mustang into the realm of official RoadJerk-ride, but please don't think that all Mustang owners are poorly educated, or overly aggressive street racers. I love the Mustang, and it's heritage just as much as the NSX, I plan to own one soon (and an NSX later). Good luck on the streets, I hope these jerks don't spoil it for all of us.