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Thanks guys...mucho gracia.....and happy cingo de mayo :D

btw, Armando.............I have tears in my eyes seeing your RIP thread. I can't believe a good piece of art just went bye bye. Expect a call from Paul. His car needs a heart and soul!!
steveny said:
subcriptions are .99 cents per thread. :biggrin: :biggrin:

a good point, steve, and one that allows us to remind him of the:

* one time, up-front thread subscription initiation fee
* annual subscription renewal fee
* "bandwidth reduction fee" based on google webaccelerator's stats, auto-installed (gratis!) when your thread subscription application has been approved.

please note that other local, state, federal, international and inter-planetary fees and taxes may apply and are *not* included in this general TOS/billing overview.

thanks for subscribing to nsxprime threads, we're glad to have you join our growing ranks of customers :)
MiamieNeSeX said:
Click on Thread tools.
That works. Another method, which you can use at the same time you post to the thread, is to change the "Notification Type" in the Additional Options below your post, to create your subscription.