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Supersprint vs ARk DT-X exhaust

18 February 2008
Lewisville TX
SOS, Has both Supersprint and the ARK with dual tips, I like the way the Supersprint tips flare up which look like they may fit the angle of the rear skirt nicer (91)
Has any one heard what the Supersprint sounds like vs the ark, I dont want it to sound like a track car but do want a bit more sound than the stock system.
Well I just bought the ACK so the problem is resolved:

Let us know how you like it when you get it installed. I picked one up also, but haven't got it home yet. I am still in the process of installing the headers. TOO MUCH WORK and TOO MANY HONEY DOs!!!!!

Have the ARK-DTS, but needed test pipes to achieve the right sound. Not for everyone though.
great price. I was thinking about selling my DT-X when I can get my hands on a some arm's engineering or ARC Titanium for just below that price. the sound is great at low rpm. at higher rpm, the motor takes over and that's all you hear. it's a deep tone, nothing close to an F1 car. Enjoy.
WOWwhere did you get it for that price??????? That's SMOKIN HOT!!!

Got lucky and purchased it from another Prime member on the East Coast. New in box.
If you really want to have the F1 sound exhaust, get ready to spend some serious F1 money. (4X more $$$$). $25-3000 will get you good sound, but not much difference in performance. That's a good chunk of money towards a CTSC.
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