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Sway bar questions

26 April 2008
Sugar Land, TX
So after side-by-side drive comparisons between our company '91 and my personal '92, I can tell the crisper feel to the '91 in a turn...more precise and much less body roll. Now I want to mine the same. The '91 apparently has some aftermarket swat bars on it, but the car was bought with them already installed, so we're not sure which ones they are.

I measured them with a digital micrometer: my OEM stock ones are 17.7mm (.7"). The red one on the company car was 20.5mm (.8").

Couldn't tell if the red ones were solid of not...

Problem is, in my searching around, I'm seeing 1", 1.25", etc...nothing as small as the red one we have.

I want a nice, crisp, sharp-turning, & stiff feel (sure-footedness), but I am not actively trying to build a track car here...so I don't want to over-do it and sacrifice ride quality or over-all handling.

Can those with experience here provide some advice on which sway bar is best suited to what i'm trying to go for...yet reasonably priced (not too much "NSX tax").

Also, is just the front enough, or should I add the rear one too?

Thanks in advance!

(FYI note: I will be posting in the WTB section for some sway bars...if anyone has a set they want to part with.)
What suspension do you have right now? Stock suspension? They all play into how the car will handle.
I have the OEM NSX Type-R front sway (22.2 mm or 0.875") and the stock rear sway with Eibach springs & bilstein struts. I recommend the Front bar only as a start and the Type R fits the bill pretty well.
The other option is to go with the DaliRacing sway bars. He has various sizes ranging from the street size of 0.75" to a track only set of 1".
The average price for a bar (front or rear) brand new is ~$150 plus shipping & tax or ~$300 for the front & rear set.

BTW Dali has a good FAQ you should check out:

DaliRacing.com said:
Q: OK, so which bar set should I pick?
A: The short version: If you are 99% a street driver and/or have a slushbox, or you live where the roads are crap, take a look at the Street swaybars. If you are mostly a street driver and just have an occasional track day per year, get the Street/Race swaybars. If your use pattern tends towards the opposite balance, you might consider the Track swaybars. If you are a crazed track rat get the Trophy bars. If you want more of a "Type-R" feel consider the Type-Q bar set. If you really really want a front bias like the Type-R, buy a front bar that is a larger diameter than the rear bar and get some stiffer springs like the Tanabe.

Q: OK, I just bought some swaybars, but I don't understand how they work. What hole is stiffer and what hole is looser?
A: A shorter bar is a stiffer bar.

Q: OK, so which hole should I pick?
A: Generally speaking, if you install the bars with the drop links in the middle hole you will be happy. That said, as we all know (and we all DO know this - right?) what tires you have and what other suspension components you have modified will affect the handling balance as well. I would not test the swaybar install on your favorite high speed corner without becoming familiar with the new balance & feel and how that reflects itself in the steering response etc.. There is no magic setting that will transform you into Alex Zanardi.

Q: My swaybars started to squeak, what can I do?
A: Any good synthetic grease (like what is supplied with the poly bushings when you bought them) will work fine. I like Mobil 1. The more water you drive through the faster it will "wash out".

Q: I have a set of the Type-R chassis bars installed already, and I want to get a set of your Street/Race or Track swaybars to complete the package, but they are are too BIG for everything to fit together, what can I do?
A: You might want to get a set of these.

Q: I don't like the red color, I want black like the OEM.
A: You might want to call your local powdercoat/paint shop.
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