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Taking a HUGE step!

24 March 2007
Hey everyone, I wanted to make an announcement. Source 1 took a huge step this week and decided to open a 2nd location here in Ohio. We have outgrown our current 6 bay 4000Sqft shop. It was a BIG decision for me and I wanted to share it with friends here on prime. Our 2nd location is in between Cincinnati and Dayton and has over 7000sq ft. We are working hard to get it up and rolling now and expect to be open for business on Oct 1st 2012. I wanted to thank those of you who have done business with me on here and understand I appreciate every one of you. You all along with our local ( non NSX ) customers have made this a possibility. Here are a few pics of the building and one side of the shop. The other side is under construction currently :biggrin:





Behind where I was standing taking the pics is another Sealed off side of the same size that is under construction. I will post more pics when it is all done and show you the transformation.

Thanks again!

Congratulations, Brian!! Now what you need to do is open a few here in TX too!:biggrin:

Thanks Tommy! I would love to! As soon as this one is operational. Doing it now may be a little much for the old wallet :)
Congrats Brian. Good things come to good people.:smile:

Congratulations and the best of luck in your added location. I think the expansion says a great deal about the quality of service and customer relations you've established. Keep up the good work.