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Taking a poll, please respond

24 May 2000
Altoona, PA
Hello, Myself and two other NSX owners are having Mark Basch fly in from Arizona in May to do tranny installs on our cars. We live in PA and have been trying to get Mark to come in for awhile but as you all know, he has way more work than he has time. Mark is doing our work only because we have been inquiring about this for over a year. To make a long story short, since we have very limited access to Mark, I have to make the right decision on what components to go with in the tranny. To give you some background, I own 3 other sports cars, so my NSX is not my daily driver and I don't take it on trips, etc. I have gotten very different responses from members about what options are the best. I am going to supercharge the car and Mark Basch recommends that because of the supercharger, the 4.55 R&P is not needed. However, I have spoken to Enrique and Alex V. from GruppeM and the both recommend that I do get the 4.55. I would like to get everyone opinion that has driven or experience with mulitple setups. I am also not too concerned about spending the extra 2 grand on the R&P because I only plan to have the tranny work done once and I don't want to regret it later when Mark B. won't be around.

Here are the options, if you had a superchargered 5-speed NSX with full exhaust system:

A - stock R&P, short gears, clutch

B - 4.55 R&P, short gears, clutch

C - 4.55 R&P, short gears, clutch & lightened flywheel

Note: Mark B. also stated that he is removing his lightened flywheel from his car. He states the car is a lot harder to drive and there is some torque loss.

Thanks to everyone
I have had C.

I now have B.

To do it all over I would pick A.

If I was doing a 6 spd conversion, I'll go with a 4.55:1 because 6th gear is less than 1:1.
Having had the 4.55 R&P (stock gears) on my NSX, and knowing that you will have all that power, I would go 4.23 plus gears if I had to do it again.
My reason is highway travel. The 4.55 was great even with stock gears. However, driving long distances by freeay was a pain. At 85-90mph my RPMS were at 4000 which is annoying on an hour freeway trip.

I got used to it and did not mind after a while. However, after switching back to a stock R&P, I realized how much nicer it was to cruise at high speeds and will not go back to a 4.55.

On the street, the 4.55 was great. If I had a 6 speed I would not hesitate with the 4.55. However, it wasn't until I went BACK to stock R&P that I realized how annoying it was buzzing at 4000RPM on the freeway for an hour.

JMHO. I do a lot of driving between LA and Oceanside, so you may not mind.
Buzzing at 4000 RPM for one hour annoys you? Wimp
Try twenty hours to NSXPO 2001 from Texas to Wisconsin.
Ive got 4:55, short gears, flywheel, and clutch.

I also am supercharged... first gear is.. well quoting Alex V "You're going to need more rear tires".

Would I change what I have? Nah, I really like having the low end acceleration even though sometimes I think first is too low...

I mean in all reality how often can you go above 75+mph safely? (What I mean is, within the law). Fact is, if you are over 80+ chances are you're breaking speed laws anyways, so who cares about 4,000rpm?

You bought a sports car... if you want low RPM's go buy an ecomony class car automatic, that has an overdrive.

Just my 2 cents...

Those mods were done to my car by Mark B. exept the lightened flywheel in hindsight (and after driving Marks car)I should have done it then.You will LOVE the result!!
His car seems to "spool-up" to the higher RPM range faster therefor feels faster and snappy like as if there is no computer delay.
All I can honestly say is Mark Basch is not only qualified ,will make tons of options available to you,exeed your expectations in the quality of workmanship and is also one of the nicest guys you'll meet in the field of service and custom mod's......
I am VERY happy w/ his persistance on finishing what he starts in a reasonable amount of time at a fair price.Often into the wee hours of the night "just because he promised it to you"
As the owner of a 24 hour service company I can be very critical of chinks in the armor of other companies.
Further I know personally the demands on his time are extroudinary (he has always been realistic and there for a demanding customer like myself)

In reference to the original question..
(GET THE BEST YOU CAN AFFORD)If I were in a position to get it all ..I'd get it all!!

This past winter, Mark Basch came to Virginia and installed his Comptech SC on my car. He installed short gears and a clutch at the same time. He recommended that I stay with the stock R&P. I feel happy that I have done so. I do like the closer gear ratios (2nd, 3rd, and 4th). It just feels better going from first to second and into third.

I think the main reason for going with the 4.55 or 4.23 was to improve acceleration performance of the stock NSX. When you install and extra 130 hp or so that you will get from Mark’s supercharger, I doubt you will be craving the very modest improvements from the higher gear ratios. It is nice to cruise without the engine turning over too high while on the highway.

No matter which choice you make, all the noticeable performance will come from the supercharger.

Great choice, let us know how you like the car with totally different performance.
I also say get the best you can afford, but I would define it as doing less rather than "everything". One of the beauties of a boosted engine, especially an 8000 rpm VTEC, is the fact that you don't need such close gears. And once you have the SC you will have a hard enough time keeping traction in first gear, so the 455 is the last thing I'd do.

As someone will eventually say, the “best” choice depends on your goals, which are likely different than those of many people who give you an opinion, including mine.

But if you really want an informed, unbiased opinion, you've already gotten it from the best tech in the business.
When considering the effects of different R&Ps we should also take wheel/tire setup into account. Many run 275/35-18 tires, which are almost an inch larger in diameter than the stock rears. With this size, the 4.23 R&P might do no more than get you back to stock equivalent (4.06). Has anyone done the math or have a formula handy?
Originally posted by andreas:
When considering the effects of different R&Ps we should also take wheel/tire setup into account. Many run 275/35-18 tires, which are almost an inch larger in diameter than the stock rears. With this size, the 4.23 R&P might do no more than get you back to stock equivalent (4.06). Has anyone done the math or have a formula handy?

The outer diameter of the 275/35-18 is 2.9 percent bigger than the '91-93 stock 225/50-16. The outer diameter of the 275/35-18 is 3.5 percent bigger than the '94-01 stock 245/40-17. The 4.235 R&P is 4.3 percent shorter than the 4.062 R&P. Thus the shorter gearing more than offsets the larger outer diameter of the tires.