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TCS/ALB/Rear brake light and handbrake warning lights

3 June 2012
Poole United Kingdom
I have recently purchased a 1991 NSX and after 5 mins driving the rear brake light and hand brake warning light illuminate. Within a minute or less of these coming on and on applying the brake pedal the TCS and ALB light also come on.
This is a cycle that repeats itself each time I take the car out and I imagine the problems all lead back to one fault, has anyone else had the same problem?

Thanks Scott
try bypassing the ALB and see what happens

If the brake light stays on, you may need your instrument cluster rebuilt.
The brake light and others popping on is an early warning of failing capacitors in the instrument cluster. It has happened to many of us. Remove the intrument cluster and send it to @Briank for repair. he's done a lot of them. Good price and quick turn around. Good luck.