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Tech question

19 January 2003

My desktop just failed (not sure whether it's a hard drive or mother board failure). However, I'd like to take one of the hard drives (there are two of them in the failed computer) and connect it to my laptop to transfer the data over to the laptop. I looked at one of those little cases that turn your internal drive into an external USB hard drive. Seems like that would be perfect, but I've heard that you have to format the drive first, which would completely defeat the purpose of this effort. Anyone have experience with this? Any thoughts/advice?

For months I've been getting a warning indicator that says something to the effect of "SMART has detected a problem with the hard drive" but it always started. This time I get the warning message and the windows xp boot screen came up, then all of the sudden it just restarted. Then it went into a continuous reboot loop. I put in a windows cd boot disc and it did not even boot from that!

I'm not optomistic that the patient is going to make it!
If the drive is giving out a SMART message, you need to replace it asap. Get an extrernal USB enclosure, and as long as the laptop has XP it should pick it up no problem. Otherwise the drive will come with drivers on a cd. If the drive is still in good enough condition it may all just copy over. But a smart failure is usually bad. Goodluck!