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Technical question about early NSX and NSX-R

12 March 2022
These 2 videos show 2 NSX's driven around Suzuka International West circuit and the full track. A red one and a white one.

Can people who are NSX experts identify the model and year of both NSX's and identify ifs either ABS and or Traction control are switched on in the cockpit or by the way it handles. while driving for both the red and the white cars?

Thank you

Some more footage of one of the days:

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Red one is pre-production /prototype car, not production car, probably ABS is disactivated (or is not even there as car is prototype) as the car is locking wheels when braking for corner. White one is a production 1993 NSX-R that is not equipped with traction control from factory! ABS probably is on as it is not possible to disactivate ABS by pushing a button inside the car.
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