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Tein S-techs and Bilsteins ???

23 January 2002
Well after not having a NSX for the last 3 years I got one again. Man I'm glad to be back.

I have a question. The NSX I bought has Tein S-techs with stock springs that lowered the car 1 inch in the rear and .7 inch in the front. To me it looks like the cars front end is too high. I can tell that the stock shocks are shot so I'm going to be purchasing new shocks. My question is if I purchase the Bilsteins and install the springs on the lower perch both front and rear will this lower the front end. Or do I mount the springs in the rear and the upper perch and the front on the lower. Or do I just buy eibachs and mount them on the lower perch.

My first NSX had H R springs and eibachs and the car was too low. The pictures of NSXs with eibacha and bilsteins look great. I would rather keep the springs I have it I can get the look with the bilsteins.

Any input would be great.
I have the Bilstein(upper perch)/Tein setup....overall, I like it very much...if you do put it on the lower perch, it's just gonna be as low as the H&R's, if not lower...
Can you post some pictures. What size wheels do you have?

I'm a little confused (its not the first time) If the HR springs lower the car 1.5 inchs and the bilsteins on the lower perch lower almost an inch would that then lower the car 2.5 inchs? That seams really low. If I where to put the bilsteins on the upper perch with the Tein springs would the front of the car only be lowered the .7 inchs since that is what the tein springs lower the car to?

This is what I know and need to find out

Bilsteins on lower perch with stock springs lower about an inch.

Bilsteins on upper perch with stick springs lower to what?????

Eibach springs with stock shocks lower about an 1.25

Eibach springs with Bilstein on lower perch lower to ?????

Eibach springs with Bilsten on upper perch lower to ????

IF you put after marked springs on with the bilstein shocks do I need to add what the car would be lowered to with the springs on the lower perch + the amount the springs themselve lower the car to?

Thanks Again.
I got 17's up front an 18's in the rear....

Looks like this:

basically, if you have the lower perch Bilsteins, it will lower approximately 1", on top of whatever springs you wanna put in there...if you decide to go with aftermarket springs, I suggest you leave it on the upper perch...just my 02 :smile: