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The Basch Experience

20 October 2000
Hermosa Beach
Due to the overwhelming praise of this community I just recently drove out to Phoenix to visit Basch Acura to install an SC and have some other maintenance done. It was defintely worth the trip! At Basch Acura they are all about customer service. Mark went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure my car was running perfect. I would highly recommend him to anyone in this fine community.

what year is your X? were there any fuel management issues? someone I know here in sac had one installed by (insert dealer name) and they could not figure it out. I gather Mark had no issues?
I have a 93 blk/ivory with ARC Airbox/Exhaust, DC Headers, and Cantrell Air Induction. I believe this was Marks 40th or so install. Everything went silky smooth and boy does the car run great! Its exactly what I was looking for. I'm going to have him do the clutch/flyweel and tranny next. You can read more about him in the contents section I believe.

Justin- No, there are no issues at all with this kit. If your friend had problems getting the car to run right, the dealer who installed it made some grave mistakes. Though it is a bolt on kit for the most part, experience is truly the key to a long running, trouble free install. As Ken said, I have done over 40 SC installs, so I kinda have it figured out by now. <g>
If your friend who had problems with his dealer is not entirely sure all remaining issues have been resolved, feel free to have him contact me. Maybe I can help.
I drove 1,200 miles from Eugene, OR to Phoenix, AZ to have Mark do my short gears, 4.55 r&p, Dali clutch, light weight flywheel and NOS work and his shop is the most accomodating service facility you will find. His new shop in San Diego will be convenient and will offer the same environment. Mark Basch is a first class technician and person.