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The Driving Ambition Race Report; You are not going to believe this

Congrats guys, it's great to see you guys taking the NSX to that level of motorsport. It was also good to hang out with you that weekend! :smile:

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sorry, pic is too big


This is such an amazing accomplishment..... congrats again to everyone involved...

If there is anything we can do to help... just let us know....

Even with having no sequential gear box, no slicks, no hot import models, and dealing with big race egos in the pits, I believe Kip & Shad's crew proved that they can hang with the big dogs.

Made me truly proud to see the NSX at this level of racing, and seeing Kip's car at this year's ALMS was the highlight of my weekend.
I hope Kip and Shad can keep up the mojo and run more of the season in 2010.
WOW guys. That is awesome.

Great work and Good Luck next year.

Btw Is the touring car race going to air before the GT race? I wanna see AH racing in the touring car class.
Great job guys.

Hey Ken, it's "assess"... "asses" are what you stare at when browsing that ... other thread....

Edit: it has come to my attention that some thought I am making fun at someone else's thread by what I posted above. By "other thread" I meant the "hottest girl you have ever seen" thread. Just busting Ken's balls because he is always correcting others' spelling mistakes. That's all. No harm meant to anyone guys!

Nice catch, I did indeed misspell assess as asses. Maybe it was Freudian. :biggrin:

But I must tell you, that the thread to which you refer is actually titled :"The hotest girl..." :wink:
Re: OK, here's your To-Do list for this weekend

1. Eat your vegetables
2. Floss
3. Detail your car
4. Set your clocks back

No, no, no.....:rolleyes:......wrong list


Edit: The Applied Computer Solutions Monterey Sports Car Championships Presented by Bondurant will air on SPEED, Nov. 3, at 2 p.m. (EST).
This is what Speed posted but my Dish schedule says the race at 11 AM PST Tues is Road America and the Laguna race (what we want) is on at noon PST Tuesday. So, go check your TV schedule and set your timer. Get it done now lest you forget. :eek::redface::frown::mad:

The Driving Ambition Team thanks you :cool: for your support. :smile::wink:
Re: Dang it

Well, by now, you've seen the race feed and the famous T-9 spin from Pilgrim's on-board; and what a great closeup it was too, huh? Now have a look at KO's POV.


All in all, a pretty damn amazing debut. Several factoids of that race will stick; the green 99 Viper was absolutely hooked up, so letting him get by was understandable. And getting a good enough launch to stay in front of Pilgrim's AWD Volvo was no small feat. The only other guy to just barely slip by was Curran and he went right to the front, so, all in all, the WC regulars have something new to worry about.

They'll be seeing more of D.A. and righteously so. :tongue:
Re: World Challenge Schedule

Don't know what KO might want to tell y'all about his plans, but the first 5 confirmed dates of the 2010 WC series is here. Note the WC race at the Long Beach Grand Prix in April.

And not to upstage what Shad may want to divulge about politics, but the press release answer to how the D.A. team was accepted into the series is simply that the facts spoke for themselves; namely 1) KO's lap times at Laguna and elsewhere, 2) the technical build specifications of the car and 3) Shad's history as a pro racing mechanic. (Well, probably some phone calls to the SCCA San Fran Region's Stewards as well.) Pretty good prediction, don't you think?
Keep us posted if you get out to VIR- we'll assemble a posse of NSXs to come watch!
Well done guys !