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The Hammer - Adam Carolla

13 April 2005
I'd like to recommend The Hammer, a movie that Adam Carolla just put out. It's a small low budget flick on a limited release, but if you are lucky enough to have it shown near by, I highly recommend it. It's not the Man Show/Jimmy Kimmel type movie/humor you might be expecting. Instead it is a hilarious movie with a good honest storyline with a bit of romance. Ironically it makes a pretty good date movie. It's not going to win an oscar or anything, but it's one of the best offerings in terms of what actually out there right now in the field of comedies.
I've heard it was good, but (and I listen to Carolla daily), I figure on waiting until it hits Blockbuster.

I don't want to waste one of the very infrequent times I get to go to the theater just to hear Carolla's "Now that I'm a rich guy, I have noticed how unfair the world is...to us rich guys" rants cleverly incorporated into an amusing fictional narrative.