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Group Buy The I'm Back Targa Top Group Buy

15 November 2006
New Orleans
I'd like to introduce to you my first group buy offered as Stephen@NCAutoUSA "Previously known as Sduff@Composites and the first group buy offered here in many many years. Yes I've offered a few on Facebook but it's time to reclaim my thrown here as well.

I've pretty much copied the facebook post and pasted here for ease and it covers most the details. I will be updating all the lists as we progress. There is no limit as of now but if we hit 20 then I will prolong the delivery date due to the massive amount of orders already placed.

Price tier hit. 1650 is now the price!

Group Buy Details

Due to the interest and requests I’ve had I will be hosting another Nc Auto USA carbon fiber targa top. Details and highlights are outlined below.

Date of Delivery: All done before Christmas 2019
Group Buy Price:
1-10 buyers 1800 plus shipping “est 45-65”
11 + buyers 1650 plus shipping
Deposit required: 300
Group buy pricing closes August 1st
Payment by Venmo, Paypal, Bank Transfer. Add all fees associated.

Highlights and features below, most are standards for all of our 25 plus parts offered.

-Weight savings of 4lbs over OEM
-Full replacement panel
-Easy DIY swap out instructions provided thanks to “Tony S”
-Precision molded fasteners for exact OEM latch location
-Perfect fitment
-100% Carbon Fiber
-100% Epoxy
-Zero fiberglass
-High quality UV resistant clear will never yellow
-Guaranteed to never warp
-Made in the USA, not outsourced overseas

The order in which you sign up will be the order in which you will receive the product. Likely they will be done in small batches depending on the final number.

Feel free to ask questions here or via PM.

Thank you everyone for your support. These targa tops are really special and I’m extremely proud of the way they came out. It’s a nice prequel to the 02-05 type R hood that will be released in 2020.

The install and write up located on nsxprime.


Group Buy Sign Up List
1. Chris N. “Deposit paid”
2. Brian B “Deposit paid”
3. Merhdad “Deposit Paid”
4. Jhae “Deposit Paid +100”
5. Tony Senna Pham “Deposit paid”
6. Edward G “Deposit paid”
7. James Ames “Deposit paid”
8. Jerry Truckslammer “Deposit paid”
9. Chris Judd “Deposit paid”
10. Aaron King “Deposit paid”
11. Ty “Deposit paid”
12. John Lange “Deposit paid”
13. Jeff Lee “Deposit paid”
14. Chris Kam “Deposit paid”
15. Jimmy Pham “Deposit paid”
16. Eddie Burdett “Deposit paid”
17. James O “Deposit paid”
18. John Cho “Deposit Paid”



















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Can we please get an update? Per your first post, you mentioned all would be done by Xmas 2019. Has the first batch even shipped yet? Thank you.
Can we please get an update? Per your first post, you mentioned all would be done by Xmas 2019. Has the first batch even shipped yet? Thank you.

Yup first batch is in the works. Funny because I was about to update things.

I’ll be ready to ship the first 4-5 before December 20th. They won’t be ready actually probably closer to that date though since it’s crunch time before the holidays for me. I reached out to someone and they are postponing delivery

Currently I’m still filling misc other orders and dragging 4x type r seats as well.
Sorry guys for the lack of updates. I believe the first 5 or so shipped. The next 5 will be ready shortly. You will get a message from me here or on facebook/instagram. We are working on type r seats that were ordered last year along with a lot of consoles and other items too.