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The JOYS of a Looong scenic drive....

12 April 2005
Ventura - LA County
I just took the car for a very nice LOOOONG drive (400 Miles) all day yesterday.

5:30 AM (Leave Buena Park)
7:30 AM (Stopped in Camarillo for a nice coffee/cigarette break)
7:45 AM (Leave Camarillo 101 North to Solvang)
9:00 AM (Arrive in Buellton/Solvang)
11:00 AM (Leave for Lompoc taking the back windy roads)
11:30 AM (Arrive at Lompoc)
12:30 PM (Leave Lompoc taking Highway 1)
2:00 PM (Arrive in Oxnard)
2:30 PM (Leave Oxnard headed for Palmdale via Hwy 126)
4:30 PM (Arrive Palmdale)

aahhhhh.... this car I'm going to keep FOREVER!!!! :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:

Didn't even spend the 13K some people pay for a nice road trip...lol

Nice....I like it. Being able to hop in the NSX and spend all day driving is pretty cool. :)