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The new Tesla Roadster looks very similar to the NSX?

28 December 2001
Berwyn, PA
The exterior profile of the new Tesla roadster (especially from the back and the quarter panel) reminds me of the NSX. Or is it just me?

I went racing over to see it before realizing you meant it looked a bit like the NC NSX. (and the R8, and C8...)

Make it look like the NA & I'd be interested.
I feel like wind tunnel tuning will start to make all cars designed around aero to look similar.
Seating for 4? I generally think of 2-seaters being a Roadster.

The lines are simple, but they don't inspire much in my opinion. The performance specs on the other hand....

Roadster is an fully open top 2 seater, there's no C-pillar and rear window frame, examples are Mazda Miata, BMW Z4, Porsche Boxter, Nissan 370z Roadster

Convertible/ Cabriolet is an open-top with 4 seats, such as Audi A4 convertible, Porsche 911/ Carrera Cabriolet

Targa is only with the roof section removed but the C-Pillar and rear window is still in place, such as the NSX Targa, we (and Honda) don't call it NSX Roadster but NSX Targa.

The Tesla mentioned in this thread, is a vehicle only have the roof section removed but the C-Pillar and rear window still in place, thus it's a Targa NOT a roadster.

Seems they have no idea what are they making.... :glee:
As the owner of a Tesla and an NSX, I'd take the NSX design all day long. The Tesla is great because of the silent counterintuitive acceleration, the low (almost non-existent) maintenance, and the convenience of fueling up at home. But, the body looks like it was designed by an algorithm, and the exterior and interior elements are so spare as to be slightly boring. The Tesla is my daily driver. The NSX is my weekend/I-need-a-dopamine-hit car.
Honda is getting schooled by the C8 and the Roadster. The NC is just too busy and overly complicated. They should have gone with something like the HSC priced to compete with the C8.

I'm afraid of the NC because it looks nearly impossible to service and production numbers so low there isn't going to be much long term support. Might make a great EV conversion platform once the main train is unable to be feasibly serviced.