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The Official 2010 F1 Megathread

For the most part Mexican (and American) drivers have never really impressed me.
S Speed was as good as Liuzzi (sp?) but when he was replaced with Vettle we actually saw what could be wrung out of that car as SV was substantially faster than Liuzzi.
I did watch Perez in GP2 and while not stellar like Hami or Nico R he did handle himself very well.
I'll be watching him next year and good luck to him.

I hear what you saying, I can only hope.
I have been cheering for Kobayashi, since I saw him racing for the first time last year, So I guess I am full Sauber follower, Untill Kimi comes back.

Sauber grabed another Mexican while thet were at it, Gutierres will be Their test driver.

Re: The cocked hat is getting more cocked

Well, Q is gonna be a mess.....and Macca is kinda lost at the moment. Fred is invoking luck at this point, so the Bulls should be in charge??? But, Seb has thrown it away somehow before and Web probably spent his allocation of luck last race.

But, never mind all that, it's gonna rain on Sunday too. So, would I be pulling your leg if I picked Hulk, or Sutil or ..............<gulp> Mikey???? :biggrin:

think I'll have another Meyers/tonic, watch the Q washout show and get back to you on that. :rolleyes:
Re: Still laughing this morning

at Varsha and Matchett, when they say the Korean race in 2 weeks could be moved (Bob: "whipped up in short order" :biggrin:) to another venue. And Steve: "Fuji's just up the road and we were there just 2 years ago." Oh, like there's a massive organization of Red Cross proportions ready to pull together logistics for an F-1 race in just 6 days? :rolleyes: I thought I was high last night when I heard it the first time, but I just listened to it again now and obviously, they're the ones who are high. :tongue:

That's right up there on the laugh-meter with racing on 6 day old asphalt. :biggrin:
Jenson Button, lap 40, on fresh soft compound tires, sets fastest lap and goes fastest on every sector!

Actually Weber set fastest lap on race.This Red bulls were untouchable today.Alonso did good job again.Shame for Kubica it was not his day,biggest surprise Kobayashi he make race more interesting.
Kobayashi was the most fun to watch (Schumacher wasn't bad either). Felt sorry for Hamilton.
Kobayashi definitely made it an entertaining race. Hopefully a team picks him up for next year.

That demolition derby at the beginning really screwed Button's chance at a podium finish. :frown:
Re: Yawn..........well it least we whittled it down to 3

Still looking to be a real good finish to the season. 3 very different drivers and a bunch of jokers still in the deck.

I can't make a pick, but I'm pulling for Webber for a couple of emotional reasons. But Fred's got a good shot if his engines hold up. Although I don't think Sebass will self destruct, I expect he'll make a few mistakes that may or may not make the difference.

JMHOWTFDIK. :rolleyes:
Yeah, this is a tough one to pick, extremely tough --- could go any way. Will be fun to watch. Just hoping for some really good wheel-to-wheel races without stupid crashes or rain.
Re: Well, I shoulda known.........


Hope the asphalt stays stuck to the ground. :redface: Think I'll call my asphalt expert friend who managed the repaving of Laguna and Thunderhill and see what exotic AC mix they might have used.

Someone said that the FIA had rules that at least one FIA sanctioned race had to be run on any new circuit before an F-1 race. But.....rules are meant to be broken, right? :rolleyes:

Well, the venue, garages, pit boxes and equipment etc. will be a source of comment from Matchett, I'd bet. Should be an interesting sideshow. :tongue:

Jack, when you coming up to collect that dinner? :smile:
That's where we part paths, I always pray for rain. :biggrin:

Ah, yes. from one who was never required to jump in an open race car on a rainy track. ;-) A race under these conditions is determined by luck only (regardless of those tempted to post about "rainmeisters" and the like).

As a one-time owner/wrench/driver I never had enough $ to truly "have fun" on a wet race track -- I only saw dollar signs through my droplet-obscured visor. ;-)
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A preview of the Senna movie


A review of the Senna movie

The Ayrton Senna documentary film will not be released worldwide until 2011, but Jonathan Noble caught a screening of it during the Japanese Grand Prix weekend and shares his review:

I confess, I'm in love once more. Formula 1 has pulled my heart strings like it hasn't done for years. It's like being a teenager all over again. For just under two hours in Japan earlier this week I was absolutely mesmerised by what I witnessed.

Sitting there transfixed, I experienced almost every emotion under the sun and was left mentally shattered by the end. From laughter and smiling at one moment, I went on a journey that pushed me through intense pride, excitement, fear and also sadness.

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Should be very interresting...a new track for everyone..
Re: Calling Jack Sparrow

Dude, you still around? I tried to send you a PM, but it didn't work. I'll be down your way soon and thought we might have a drink, dinner or something. Send me a PM if you're interested.