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The Phoenix is about to rise from the ashes

18 June 2018

Hi guys I would like to introduce myself. I’m Andrew and have been on prime mostly buying parts on the forum over the years.
I purchased Mark911 NSX at the end of 2015 after he had a small engine fire with the car after finishing getting it tuned with 560WHP. Once purchasing it, I put it in storage as I wanted to buy all the the parts for the car first before starting the rebuild. Unfortunately doing this has been a never ending quest of purchasing parts, LOL.

Since being quarantined, I decided to get most parts from storage and see where I’m at. I could not fit everything in one trip but this is most of the aero I have for the car.
I also decided to finally pull the motor out of the car and get the engine bay painted to finally reassemble the car. The goal is to make it look as mean as the power train that Mark had build for it.
Unfortunately my fiancé now realizes how much of a problem I have with cars after seeing all the boxes of parts I have been collecting LOL
I once built high high horsepower 2JZ swapped cars until 2011 but decided to get out of the game and move onto other ventures. The problem is the itch never leaves to build something again.
Here is a taste of the start of this build as well as some info on the car when mark911 built it originally.

Chassis- Tien Shocks, Dail Sway bars, Prodrive Wheels, Toyo RA1s, Sparco Seats, Momo steering wheel, C-West wing, Griffin Racing Rad w/twin fans, HiCap AEM fuel pump, Brembo F40 calipers w/14.5" rotors front, Brembo Lotus calipers w/13" rotors rear, ARP wheel studs, Spherical Bearings on rear A arms, Duel Setrab oil coolers, and more.

Engine/Trans - R ratio trans w/Ginken LSD with WPC coating, Golden Eagle Sleeved 3.0, CP Forged pistons, Oliver Billet Rods, 300ksi head studs, Comptech Cam gears, Billet mains, Ti valve springs and keepers, dry sump oil pan, Dailey Eng 3 stage dry sump pump w/airoil sep, Tilton triple Carbon/Carbon clutch, Harrop 1900TVS supercharger, air to water intercooling system, Dynoed at 560WHP




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Best of luck with your project...keep us updated we are starved for entertainment...:eek:
Nice to see another car get a second chance in life. Good luck with the project.

Best to leave your parts in the garage and not in the living room. It might make your fiancé happier. :)
LOL that XMas tree has been up for 2 years now. I’m pretty sure the car build will win at this point LOL. Luckily it is a room at the end of the house we hardly use, so my Fiancée does not mind my parts are temporary there.
I should have some additional pictures this coming weekend as we are taking off the drysump pan to inspect the internals. The plan is to start welding up the holes in the truck fire wall which the intercooler tubes ran through. That way I can relocate the intercooler in the engine bay so the car has a usable truck once again for road trips.
Nice ..so you have a dedicated Christmas room...:biggrin:
It’s been awhile since I’ve updated my build. It’s been a crazy year and the car took a back burner unfortunately. I just started working on it once again this week.
The firewall has been cleaned, holes from intercooler welded and filled, plus painted.
I removed the pop up headlights and bolted up the 2002 conversion. The front end consists of all new OEM hardware, bumper covers, and headlights. The hood and spoiler are made by Downforce.
We then removed the old Tein coilovers the car came with and bolted up the Zeal super functions.
The Brembo front calipers were removed. A pair of Billet Project Mu calipers I had from a old project car I parted out were test fit to make sure they would clear the new TE37 wheels. Fortunately the calipers cleared with 13.5 inch floating disks, now we need to CNC some brackets in the next week to bolt them up.
Next we removed the rear taillights along with the rear bumper cover. We are going to weld 3 holes the previous owner made as he wanted them to relieve pressure from the car at speed on the track. I will be installing 2002 taillights once this work is done along with a Downforce rear carbon diffuser.
While I was taking apart the trunk I took out additional wiring for additional gauges and aem meth injection, which I will not be using.
That’s all I had time for this week but I’m penciling out more time next week to continue moving forward with this build ��


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This last Saturday I had the chance to go work on my car for the day with the help of my pop along with our longtime friend Bill.
There were some extra surprises I was not ready for...
My goal was to
1. Remove the rear cabin widow

  • Test fit my DF side skirts
  • Come up with a solution to fit a set of Brembo mechanical parking brake calipers from a Jaguar on my rear brembo brakes.
  • Remove more random wiring/ vacuum lines the previous owner installed.

I had to take apart the inside A/B pillar covers plus headliner to access the rear window seal.
Once removing the parts We noticed that the car had its roof replaced sometime in its life.
Unfortunately the shop that replaced the roof failed to spot weld anything along either side of the seams. Plus the front weld they did were incredibly poor.
Needless to say it derailed my day a bit...
I was pretty pissed off at this point and failed to take pictures during the balance of the day.

We did test fit the DF side skirts which which fit well and only took a little sanding here and there to fit nicely.
The rear window was definitely more of a challenge as the seal was melted and baked in place.
At the end of the day the window came out. I was not aware the middle window is actually two separate windows.
I removed what was left of the engine harness and relays from the firewall so that it can be cleaned and replaced with new parts.

We also came up with a game plan to machine some spacers for the parking brake to allow it to fit over wider rotors that I have on the NSX.

On the next round of work we will have a billet adapters ready for the Project Mu calipers up front and some billet adapters for the rear parking brake as well.
DF wide front fenders will be installed as well along with Test fitting a new Pride Carbon rear spoiler, Pride carbon Gurney flap, Pride Carbon mirrors, and a DF carbon Diffuser so the car be ready to send to paint.
And of coarse spot weld the roof correctly into place.
Saturday we started the day out test fitting some the fiberglass components to the exterior. The Downforce front fender took a few hours of shaving and sanding but with some patience, they came out nicely in the end.
The Downforce TCRC side skirts took minimal work to fit, they definitely give the car a more aggressive stance.

Next up was taking apart the door panels to access the the mirrors. Once the OEM mirrors were removed,I was able to fit the Pride Spoon Style carbon mirrors. The mirrors fit and build quality were superb. They definitely update the cars look.

I removed the OEM rear spoiler and test fit the Pride Carbon Spoiler. Once again Pride came through with a part that fit like factory. I fit the Pride Carbon gurney flap as well and it was perfect fit to their spoiler.

While I was in the car I decided to continue removing unnecessary gauges, switches, and relays the previous owner installed. I’m unsure which was my favorite. The throttle blip button on the shifter or the tool vacuum gauge repurposed on the A pillar.

A pair of Carbon 6 rear parking brake brackets arrived. We test fit a set of Jaguar brembo calipers parking brake calipers to the brackets. The Jaguar calipers were a bit to narrow for rotors but fortunately they split in half so we are making a billet spacer to widen them to the rotor.

Moving forward I feel like I have a clear slate to start reassembling the car. Instead of fixing the fire damage and removing many unnecessary items the car had installed.

Hopefully in the next week or two Downforce will have my new wide body oem look rear quarter panels ready to ship for the project.

I’m looking forward to the next time I have a free day to work on the NSX. In the meantime my pop will be working on the sanding, priming, and sealing the fiberglass components.


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Thank you. It’s been many years of planning and purchasing parts to get here. I should have it on the road by this summer is the plan.
Great update! I am very surprised by that button on top of the shifter. I have never seen that before! I feel like it would be easier to just use the pedal to blip the throttle when shifting?
Yeah the button on the shifter was an odd addition from the prior owner. I prefer the old heel toe action.

The spoon style carbon mirrors from Pride are manual. I do not foresee having to adjust them very often so I’m OK having manual mirrors.
They look nice. I was just curious. I feel like I have seen powered versions before. But all the ones I found are non-powered.

Car looks great BTW

Was it Carbon 6 that made the powered ones?
They look nice. I was just curious.

Was it Carbon 6 that made the powered ones?

yes but not sure if he ever filled all the pre orders...
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Quick update. Yesterday my pop and our friend Dave worked on the cars roof. Previously I had found out the roof skin had been replaced. The body shop who replaced did not spot weld any of the side spot welds on the roof.
After a few hours welding, the cars roof is 100% welded on now. Unfortunately now it will require more paint work.
I’m almost thinking at this point I could color change the car as it taken nearly to the shell.
If I do decide to change it I’m thinking championship white from a type R.
What are your thoughts....?
I’m not sure how to rotate pictures when uploading to prime.
I'm confused... the car looks like a coup why did the roof have to be welded on????
The car is a coupe. I was taking apart the interior B pillar and headliner so that I could remove the exterior aluminum B pillar covers. I was doing this to install Mita Carbon B pillar covers. While taking apart the car I saw the roof skin had been replaced at some point and not finished correctly. This is why we had to spot weld the roof in place on the sides. It was an extra surprise the car threw at us while working on it.This picture shows what I saw when I removed the headliner. You can see holes where the roof skin should be spot welded. 795E7A05-B06A-432E-9006-E55355ECC551.jpeg
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I would do one of the JDM NSXR colors before I did white. Or a complete unique color you like. I think it would look better and stand out more. White while looks clean and OEM but your car is going to be far from OEM+ look. I think you should Go flashy.

Like a Nortic Gray, or Long Beach Blue, Thermal Orange.

Or something custom like a Deep Candy Red I always liked that color on the NSX.
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Something had to have gone terribly wrong for a coupe roof to have been rewelded on...was the car used to store Tuna?:tongue: